Redditor faces backlash after telling saleswoman she's 'too attractive'

A customer at a car dealership is

facing backlash online after sharing his

disagreement with a female employee.

The customer, writing under the

username Away-Republic, shared his experience

in Reddit’s AITA (Am I The A*****) forum.

“I was looking to buy a car from a dealership

and the salesperson that happened to see me

first was a very attractive woman that also

happened to dress a bit provocatively”.

The user went on to explain that

extremely attractive people usually

make him “uncomfortable” .

Away-Republic wrote that he ultimately told her

that he wanted to speak with a different salesperson.

“I didn’t really want to tell her the real

reason why I was asking for the change".

However, the saleswoman pushed for an

answer, noting that she was working on

commission and wanted to know how

she could improve as a professional.

“I told her as politely as I could: she was too

attractive, dressed too revealingly and that made

me uncomfortable with her,” he wrote.

Ultimately, the saleswoman accepted

the request with a “hardened” face, leaving

the man with one final thought.

"She told me that I don’t have to apologize, cause

this isn’t the first and won’t be the last time she’s

losing a commission due to sexism".

Reddit users seemed to overwhelmingly

support the female employee, calling the

man’s behavior “shameful”.

“Yes, that’s sexism. You are uncomfortable

with her because she is a woman and now she loses

out at her job. Learn to control yourself”

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