Woman calls out pizza restaurant over ‘monstrosity’ in delivery order: ‘Someone was having a bad day’

Dillon Thompson

A woman is going viral after sharing her “destroyed” pizza delivery order.

The meal, which has social media users asking all kinds of questions, was shared on Twitter by a Japanese YouTuber named Fuwa. Her order, which was seemingly meant to be a margarita pie, arrived completely jumbled, crushed and folded into itself.

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“Delivery pizza It was so bad that it made me laugh,” Fuwa captioned her photo.

Fuwa didn’t name a restaurant, but it’s clear her food did not arrive as intended. The image immediately went viral, drawing 140,000 likes in just one day.

The photo eventually made its way to Reddit, where dozens of commenters shared their thoughts. Many joked about how the pizza ended up in such a poor state.

“Apparently the pizza delivery guy was doing parkour on the way,” the user who shared the image wrote.

“I think your pizza guy is Spider-Man,” another joked.

Others were far more serious in their criticism. Some called the pizza a “monstrosity,” or suggested the customer demand a refund.

“That sucks,” one user wrote.

“That’s why you open the box while he is there,” another added.

“Damn, someone was having a bad day,” another wrote.

Many users were optimistic though, writing that the pizza still looked delicious. A few commenters even pointed out that the meal had taken a strangely adorable heart shape.

“He was just trying to shape it into a heart for you,” one user joked.

“It’s not crushed, its a calzone! I’d eat that. I’d order it that way,” another quipped.

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