Reddit users are sharing the 'scariest' space facts they've ever heard

A number of social media users each shared the

“scariest space fact/mystery” they could think of

after a recent prompt on the “Ask Reddit” forum.

Here are a few of the top responses — make sure your

feet are firmly planted on the ground before reading.

“The Kessler Effect is the theory that a single

destructive event in low earth orbit could create

a cascade where satellites break up into tiny

fragments taking out other satellites, breaking

up into smaller fragments and so on”.

This would continue “ until the earth is

completely surrounded by a massive cloud

of tiny flying death shrapnel which would

make leaving this planet almost impossible”.

“The speed of light, the fastest speed possible,

looks painfully slow when you look at it in

the context of even a fraction of our solar

system. We’re stuck here, aren’t we”.

One user explained vacuum decay, saying “Matter,

as it is, isn’t in its full resting state, and a little

surge of energy could shift it enough to completely

change chemistry and physics in our universe”.

Another explained gamma ray bursts. “We could be

hit by one of these with very little warning, and if it

was reasonably close (in universal terms anyway)

could wipe us out rapidly or cause a ton of damage”.

Finally, a Redditor who claimed to be an

astronomer offered “something to worry about”

that could reasonably happen in our lifetimes.

“May I introduce you to the Carrington Event

of 1859? Basically, Carrington was a scientist

who noticed a flash from a huge cluster of

sunspots, which was the biggest coronal

mass ejection from the sun ever recorded”.

It hit Earth within a day- aurora were seen as far

south as Hawaii, wires on telephone poles burst into

flame, and telegraph operators even reported

contacting each other when not connected”.

If a similar event were to strike Earth today, it

would cause billions of dollars in damage, because

blown transformers are super hard to replace and

a lot of satellites wouldn’t be able to handle it”

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