Reddit Users Call Kendall Jenner 'Rude' And 'Unbearable' In Resurfaced Clip

Kendall Jenner amfAR Cannes Gala 2019
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Kendall Jenner may be regarded as one of the more natural Kardashian/Jenners, but she may not be regarded as the friendliest – and that’s partly due to a resurfaced clip of her interacting with a fan backstage at a previous Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

In the seven-second resurfaced clip, which was shared on Reddit on Monday, September 11th, the 27-year-old catwalk model can be seen sitting backstage in her iconic light pink Victoria’s Secret robe. She can then be seen taking a selfie with a fan who is standing behind her (did the fan have to maintain a certain distance, we wonder? It sure looks that way!) and then pulling a very unimpressed face when she hands the phone back to the fan. The clip has the caption, “My personality changing as soon as customers leave.”

Fan Reactions To Kendall Jenner’s Behavior

As with most Reddit posts about the Kardashian/Jenners, there were a lot of comments! “How is she even a model? Gosh she’s unbearable just like the others,” criticized one fan, as another said: “Why would anyone like her after seeing her do something like that, so [expletive] rude and dismissive.” Another fan simply couldn’t believe that someone could be *that* rude, and asked, “Is this real? Looks like an SNL skit with how over the top rude she is,” to which one replied, “This isn’t a [expletive] skit?! It’s so insanely over the top rude and outlandishly bizarre.”

“She’s such a [expletive] loser,” slammed another fan, who also added: “There’s absolutely no excuse to treat people like that. Loser loser loser.” “She does not have the right to be so prissy she’s so basic honestly,” added another, while someone else said, “Omg, that is horrible. The look and attitude. Ugh.”

"I wonder what is going through her head? What does she achieve in her mind by acting like this?" asked another Reddit user. "She is so flippant about it too which is what gets to me. She is surrounded by phones and cameras. They are catching this behavior. So she doesn't even care what we think of her. That means she is one of those girls that gets off on being the villain. Maybe she thinks it's cool to be a mean girl. Making herself inaccessible like the elitist piece of [expletive] that she wants to be," they added.

"This is why I despise Kendall the most," another fan began, adding, "Yea the other sisters can probably be a little rude and they’re problematic in their own ways but Kendall is never nice, she’s a [expletive] to everyone. You can just tell that she thinks she’s better than everyone, that we're beneath her. The other sisters can be rude but at least you hear stories about people meeting them and they are really nice. Kendall is the only one that I’ve never seen anybody say that she was nice."