Domino’s customer stirs uproar after sharing ‘trashy’ pizza preferences: ‘I know it isn’t healthy’

Dillon Thompson

A Reddit user is sparking a wide-spanning debate about the importance of authentic cooking after sharing their pizza preferences.

The user, posting under the name RishslKsnelzjcbs, shared their unusual culinary ordeal in Reddit’s AITA (Am I The A******) forum.

In their post, the user wrote about a recent issue they’d been having with their friend’s girlfriend, and how it spiraled into a larger cultural argument. The source of that argument? Domino’s Pizza.

“I like Dominos pizza and order it once a month,” the Redditor wrote. “I know it’s a bit expensive, I know it isn’t very authentic, I know it isn’t healthy. I also don’t care; for me it hits the spot and I enjoy it.”

The user went on to explain that their friend’s girlfriend, who is Italian, consistently criticizes them for their food choice, claiming Domino’s “isn’t actually good pizza or very Italian.” That argument now has Redditors debating just what it means for a restaurant to serve “authentic” food.

‘I just wanted to enjoy my Domino’s’

The user wrote that their friend’s girlfriend carried her criticisms into home-cooked meals, sharing criticisms and pointing out missing ingredients from their home-cooked pasta dishes. Despite her being an “otherwise pretty solid person,” according to the post, the Redditor eventually had enough of the Italian food critiques.

“I ordered pizza again today and she again commented about how it wasn’t authentic,” they wrote. “I had enough and told her I didn’t give a f*** what was authentic or not, I just wanted to enjoy my Dominos.”

The Redditor’s roommate asked the two to make up after their latest pizza-related fight, but the user wrote that they were skeptical to concede.

“I’m aware that was perhaps a bit petty and rude, but to be honest I’m pretty done with her inane comments,” they added. “As I see it the only harm I’m doing with my dominos is to my waistline, but that has no bearing on her.”

‘I think it’s pretty obvious’

While some commenters were confused by the Redditor’s love for “cheap” and “trashy” pizza, a majority of users agreed that they were not in the wrong. Some criticized the girlfriend for being so quick to judge a person’s eating habits.

“You weren’t toting your dominos around like it was the best Margherita pizza from Naples,” one user wrote. “This is a very weird high horse for her to be trying to stand on. I think it’s pretty obvious anyone who frequently orders dominos isn’t ordering it for that authentic Italian flavor.”

“Stating her opinion about your pizza once would be fine, but for her to bring it up over and over and over is just rude. She should let you enjoy your inferior fast-food pizza in peace,” another added.

Others expressed their view that, regardless of the argument, there was nothing wrong with Domino’s not offering a truly “authentic” version of Italian pizza. Many expressed their love of fast-food restaurants like Taco Bell, Chipotle and Panda Express.

“I’m Mexican and I like Taco Bell. I’m not getting it because it’s authentic Mexican food. I get it cuz it’s crappy Americanized food that tastes good,” one user confessed.

“I’m Chinese American and I love Panda Express. Is it authentic? Hell no. I know that, my parents know that, every Chinese person knows that. Am I going to point this out to my friends every time we get Panda Express? Of course not! Anyone who tries to compare fast food to “authentic cuisine” is being a jerk,” another wrote.

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