Reddit Rickrolls the real Rick Astley

When it comes to memes from

the early aughts, some people

are just never going to give them up.

For Gen Zers who were too young

to be trolling online in the 2000s, .

Rickrolling was a very, very popular

bait-and-switch prank that involved tricking

people to click on disguised hyperlinks .

that would lead them to the

music video for Rick Astley’s

1987 song “Never Gonna Give You Up”.

It was such a phenomenon that Astley himself

even knew about it and mentioned in a 2016

Rolling Stone article that it didn’t bother him .

because it introduced his

music to a whole new generation.

But when Rick Astley posted a wholesome

photo on Reddit of him riding a bike backstage

in Las Vegas during his first tour.

one Redditor couldn’t help themselves

and recognized the opportunity was too rare

and too perfect to not take advantage of.

“I think I might cry!!! It’s actually you,” Redditor the-

MalleableDuck wrote. “I met you at a backstage event when I

was 12. Seriously a big fan. I’ve seen you in concert five times".

Anyone who was actively online

in 2008 might pause before clicking

the link considering the circumstances.

But sweet, innocent Rick Astley who never had

a problem with becoming a meme, clicked on

the link and was immediately Rickrolled.

Astley responded with a clapping emoji, proving he

opened the link expecting to find a sweet photo of a fan and

instead ended up watching himself in a cheesy ’80s music video

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