Red Carpet Magic: The Diamond Youth Facial


The entrance to the Spa at The Four Seasons Beverly Hills (Photo: The Four Seasons)

The Treatment: A 60-minute, Diamond Youth Facial at the Spa at the Four Seasons Los Angeles

The Promise: The latest technology from Envy Medical’s SilkPeel Dermalinfusion is a diamond tip suction machine designed to lift, exfoliate, and increase collagen flow to plump plump plump. The ultimate red carpet prep for your skin.

The Backdrop: The Four Seasons in Beverly Hills is iconic, the perfect spot to get the whole Hollywood starlet experience. The spa is nestled in the back of the hotel on the 4th floor. You have options when you get there, chill and relax by the hotel pool in a private cabana, or walk over to the adjacent restaurant Cabana for lunch, or if you have tight timing you can be in and out in 60 minutes.

The Guinea Pig: I’ve been in NYC & Toronto living through one of the coldest winters on record, not to mention constantly traveling between climates that are hot/cold/mild/you name it. Now being in LA for the Oscars, having a layer of dead skin suctioned off sounded like an offer I couldn’t refuse.

The Scoop:  Minus the dryness that is winter, I don’t have any major skin issues so I was skeptical I was going to see any significant results. However, the face massage alone, was mind blowing. No pain, only gain.

The Results: I can only describe the sensation of having the diamond tipped suction machine vacuum my face as interesting. It wasn’t painful, it just felt like being on the other side of a vacuum. The amazing combination of treatment, relaxation and massage was a winning one. I walked in with miles of wear and tear on my face and felt like after 60 minutes of suction, hyaluronic acid, serums, and some extreme SPF to top me off, my skin looked plump, glowing, and very smooth.  Should any nominee cancel at the last minute, I’m red-carpet ready.


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