Recycled Patchwork Dog Beds Rule In This Week’s Shopping Finds

Plus, the neon luggage collection that’s about to sell out.

It’s always invigorating to come across a beautiful version of something that’s typically mundane. Mumu Beds was created to solve a problem—the founder couldn’t find an attractive dog bed to buy, so she made her own; The Get Out designed insulated canteens for outdoor adventures that are actually quite charming; Away is replacing boring black luggage with blindingly bright neons. Read on to dive into more of what we found this week. 

Mumu Beds

Mumu Beds Style 003 Dog Bed

It’s rare to come across a dog bed that makes a room look better, yet Mumu Beds serves up options you’ll actually want to put on display. Browsing its assortment feels more like shopping for throw pillows than perusing Petco—relaxed cushions range from recycled vintage denim patchwork to Liberty London paisley, which are much more likely to blend in with your decor. To top it off, the brand will be making donations to dog rescues and animal charities.

The Get Out's Insulated Canteen

The Get Out Insulated Canteen

The Get Out has mastered the art of designing good-looking outdoor gear—that’s clear from one look at its tents. But that sensibility now extends to a slightly less intimidating purchase: the Insulated Canteen. Offered in three bright colorways, the stainless steel container is double walled and vacuum sealed, and will keep your drink cool for 24 hours or warm for 12 hours.

Nordic Knots’ Collection with Garance Vallée 

Nordic Knots Garance Rug, Moss

I didn’t know I needed a rug with cutouts until I stumbled upon French multidisciplinary artist Garance Vallée’s capsule collection with Nordic Knots. The beauty is in the negative space; squares, oblongs, and squiggles are sliced from New Zealand wool, in earth tones drawn from Scandinavian nature, like dusty white, ochre, and moss.

Away’s Neon Collection

Away The Bigger Carry-On

If you haven’t started planning Summer trips yet, Away’s new Neon Collection will surely give you the travel itch. Best suited for those comfortable sticking out in a crowd (or in the TSA line), the brand’s classic Bigger Carry-On and Large suitcases, as well as a cosmetics bag and a fanny pack, are offered in limited edition hot pink and electric green.

Ash’s Souvenirs 

Peter & Paul Quilt

I had the pleasure of visiting Ash’s Hotel Ulysses last Fall, and I would have purchased every single item in my room if I could; from the quilt on the bed to the amphora vase-shaped mirror in the bathroom. Thankfully, the hotel group just launched its online shop, where you can buy items like Hotel Peter & Paul’s gingham quilt to bring the magic of Ash home.

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