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If you’re jumping on the pickleball wave, this brand makes actually cute paddles for playing

Pickleball is taking over. According to the Sports & Fitness Industry Association, the number of people playing the sport has increased by 159% over three years. The trade group reports that about 8.9 million people were playing the sport by 2022 — and that number is still growing. Needless to say, the tennis-like game is a hit.

If you’re jumping on the pickleball wave, you may have already planned your outfits to mimic Serena Williams. But have you thought about upgrading to a prettier paddle?

Available in a range of prints.
$NaN at Recess

Recess makes stylish yet functional pickleball paddles in fun prints — and it even makes custom ones. According to the brand, the fiberglass paddles feature a high-quality honeycomb core, and the grip uses a highly condensed foam covered by a custom color faux-leather grip that’s sweat-proof. Recess actually sells two types of paddles: classic and advanced. The advanced paddles are slightly longer to help you hit the ball a little harder.

You can purchase the standard paddles on their own, starting at $86. Each one comes with a nylon or canvas bag to protect it. Need more than one? You can also build a set with one, two, four or eight paddles, along with a set of three balls and a bag to carry it all. (A single paddle, ball and bag set costs $102, while a two paddle-set costs $180.) Additionally, there are gift sets that include upgraded bags, like the one shown below.

The paddle is available in a range of patterns.
$178 at Recess

Whether you play for fun or you’re working on becoming a pickleball pro, a paddle that shows off a little bit of your personality never hurts. It’s fun! And isn’t that the point of playing pickleball?

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