Rebel Wilson Shares How She's Continued Her 'Year of Health' Even While Traveling

Rebel Wilson standing on red carpet
Rebel Wilson standing on red carpet
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For actress, writer, and producer Rebel Wilson maintaining her healthy habits while traveling — even during amid COVID-19 — has become a lifestyle.

"Even though it's a global pandemic, I've had to travel to London, Atlanta, and New York," Wilson told Travel + Leisure of her newfound healthy habits. "And though I love the carbs I've been trying to find places that have good proteins and high-quality meats."

The "Pitch Perfect" star, 41, who declared 2020 to be her "year of health," lost 77 pounds and has managed to keep it off despite any challenges brought on by either her hectic work schedule or the pandemic. As for what inspired her health journey, Wilson has been open about her struggle with emotional eating especially after the sudden death of her father in 2014.

"It's just about keeping your body moving and keeping the blood pumping," she told T+L while leading a walk in New York's Central Park on behalf of Olly, a supplement and multivitamin brand of which she's the ambassador.

Fittingly, long walks, paired with a perfect podcast, are a staple of Wilson's fitness routine, a workout that she can take with her to any city, in any time zone. She also mentioned that focusing on hydrating has been a big part of maintaining her health while on the road.

"It's so easy to forget," she said. "Especially when traveling."

Two years into her health journey, she said her newfound habits have become so ingrained that she doesn't stress that she will abandon them simply because she is in a hotel or a new city. And having a cute workout outfit doesn't hurt either as she sported hot pink Alo leggings with a matching hooded top.

Recapping her 2021 in a recent Instagram post, the actress also mentioned trips to the United Kingdom and Fiji and upcoming directing and acting projects slated to debut in 2022.

"Thank you everyone for being on this epic year with me!" she wrote.