Reba McEntire Talks Possibility of Potential 'Reba' Reboot

The actress reveals if fans will ever get another season of the hit sitcom.

Reba McEntire revealed whether or not a reboot of her hit sitcomReba, is in the cards.

After recently reuniting with her former co-star and longtime friend, Melissa Peterman, for a project, the singer and actress, 67, opened up to E! News up about reprising her titular role in The CW series that ran for six seasons.

McEntire revealed that the two have had conversations about rebooting the series while filming their new Lifetime TV movie, Reba McEntire's The Hammer.

While the actress told the outlet, "we talked about that a lot," she doesn't believe it would happen, stating, "I don't think that's ever going to come to fruition."

However, she's not one to completely nix an idea, adding, "but maybe one of these days."

McEntire went on to talk about how she and Peterman have remained close friends throughout the years, noting that they still love working together on different projects. 

"She's easy to break character and get me to laugh," McEntire said of Peterman, adding,"She's always trying to break me and she does it a lot."

"We love to act together, we love to hang out together," she continued. "We rented a house and all of us were in the house together—my bunch and Melissa—and it was just the best. I had the most wonderful experience getting to shoot this movie."

This isn't the first time McEntire has opened up about a possible reboot of the series. Back in 2020, the "Fancy" songstress told Taste of Country that she'd love to do a reboot of Reba, noting that she was "shocked" when the series was canceled. 

"I'd even like to do a reboot of the Reba TV show," she told the outlet. "That would be a lot of fun because we had so many stories we were wanting to tell when they canceled us, so we were shocked."

"We had no idea why they canceled us," she continued. "We were a huge success, so it was a head-scratcher for us. So to come back now – that amount of time, that time spread, we'd have a lot of stories to tell."

While McEntire believes it's unlikely for a reboot to happen, we're still crossing our fingers for one.