Reba McEntire Shared a Throwback Video From Her "Reba" Days and Now We're Ready for a Reunion

Rebecca Norris

From Prevention

  • Reba McEntire is a singer first and foremost, but in the early 2000s, the country icon tested out her acting chops with her sitcom, Reba.

  • On Wednesday, April 29, Reba shared a throwback to the show on her Instagram, and it has fans hoping for a reunion.

If you're like us, once upon a time you spent many afternoons cozied up with Reba playing in the background. The early 2000s show had everything you could ever want in a sitcom: a relatable lead (hi, Reba McEntire), a hilarious (and sometimes cringe-worthy) neighbor, and a hunk to help keep things steamy.

While the fan-favorite WB sitcom went off-air in 2007, it continues to impact viewers near and far thanks to syndicated re-runs. And, for anyone who forgot about the program in the 13 years since the last new episode aired, Reba herself is here to remind you.

On Wednesday, April 29, the 65-year-old singer and actress took to Instagram to share a little throwback clip with her followers. "Remember that time Barbra Jean dragged me on stage to sing 9 to 5? Thank God for social distancing...and @dollyparton!" she captioned the post.

The video itself featured a snippet from season four, episode 19 of Reba. In the clip, Barbara Jean (who, in case you forgot, is the new wife of Reba's ex-husband) tells the band to "hit it" while she begins singing Dolly Parton’s "9 to 5."

Every few seconds, Barbra Jean passes the mic to Reba, who seems anything but thrilled to join in. At one point, Cheyenne (Reba’s daughter) grabs the mic, before Barbara Jean snatches it back and drags Reba up to the stage to complete the karaoke performance. Finally, Reba lets her singing chops shine onstage as the clip comes to a close.

And, according to her comments section, we're not the only ones that vividly recall the scene—and the show as a whole. One follower wrote, "Remember like it was yesterday, Reba!" while another chimed in, "Miss Reba show. How about a reunion??" We can only hope!

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