The reason you’ve been feeling sick might be from your water bottle: ‘That’s why tumblers are a NO for me’

Could a dirty tumbler be making you sick? This doctor may have the explanation for why you’ve been feeling under the weather lately.

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Luckily, it’s not your coffee or tea. Dr. Becky Campbell is a functional health doctor on TikTok. She shared what might be behind your summer cold this season. Apparently, those hot and cold tumblers are really good at trapping mold that isn’t visible to the naked eye.

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“If you’re feeling sick, and you don’t know why, check your tumbler. These lids collect a lot of mold, and they collect it right under here,” Dr. Campbell explained.

The elastic band around the rim of the lid can sometimes contain hidden mold. She advised removing the band and the lid’s slide enclosure to give each part a thorough cleaning.

If you have trouble removing the band, Dr. Campbell said in the comments to “take a butter knife and just gently stick it under the rubber to help get it out.”

The doctor suggested using a half cup of distilled white vinegar mixed with a tablespoon of baking soda for the cleanse. Just place the lid, the band and the slider in the bowl and let it soak.”

While some were shocked at the news, others had already been following the doctor’s wisdom.

“This is also true for your blender!” someone added.

“I’m scared to check my tumbler now,” a TikToker responded.

“This is why I searched Amazon high and low for cups with snap-on lids with no rubber ring! Not an easy find, but I love them,” a user said.

“Mold factories. Soap and water also cleans them,” a person commented.

“That’s why tumblers are a NO for me — I use a clean glass every day — old-fashioned ways are often best,” another wrote.

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