10 Brides Share Their Biggest Wedding Day Mistakes

By Alina Gonzalez

No woman ever wants to make a beauty mistake, but never is the fear of a beauty blunder greater than on her wedding day. With so much planning, effort, and love that goes into the big day, it’s just a bummer to look back and feel anything less than amazing. So we spoke to ten real brides about the beauty lessons they learned the hard way, so you don’t have to. Keep scrolling for 10 bridal beauty mistakes not to make on your wedding day! 

“Don’t forget to do touch-ups throughout the night! I didn’t, and it’s my biggest regret. You absolutely won’t be able to remember to stop and touch yourself up with all the craziness going on (dancing! talking to everyone!), so you have to ask your maid of honor to have this be one of her responsibilities. It’s the only way. She can stop you every hour-and-a-half or so, for 20 seconds to touch up powder and lips and hair, or whatever needs a quick freshening.” —Charlotte, 37

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“I got so caught up in dancing that I had removed a few pins from my hair while I was on the dance floor towards the end of the evening. I really wished I had not done so, as photos during the end of the night had me looking as though I had come from an all-night dance party instead of my wedding! In other words, I was a hot mess express.” —Aisha, 36 

“This might sound really basic, but it’s not. Because I had a host of friends and family members who had gotten married before me and none of us thought of this one thing to remember: if you’re getting married in the fall, you have to pay attention to tan lines all summer! I was working out the whole summer in preparation for my September wedding. I wasn’t even tanning by the pool, I was just running outside in workout tanks. On the day of my wedding, I went to slip in to my low-back dress, and realized for the first time, in that moment, that I had extremely visible tan lines in the form of an x on my back, from the tank I’d worn most often while running. There was nothing I could do. Whether your dress is strapless, low back, or has an intricate neckline, you have to be wary of tan lines from the summer!” —Heather, 31 

“I did my own makeup (which I don’t regret one bit!) but I do wish I hadn’t used highlighter at all. As the night went on, it made me look sweaty and oily in pictures even though I wasn’t. It looks fine in outdoor pictures, but all the indoor reception pictures look super shiny. Just avoid it all together!” —Sarah, 25 

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“I did my makeup myself, and wish I had allowed more time to apply my false eyelashes. I spent time and money on picking out the perfect style, because I was doing my own makeup, and by the time I was putting them on 20 minutes before we had to leave, my hands were shaky and I didn’t have the patience so I had to ditch them. If you’re doing your own makeup, give yourself even more time than you think, and don’t save the falsies until the end or you’ll be so nervous you won’t have the steady hands to apply them!” —Malika, 30

“I wish hadn’t worn any black eye makeup. I wanted my eyes to look dramatic, and I typically do wear black eyeliner and shadow, but in photos and looking back it was just too harsh with the white dress. A bit too goth bride. I think I could have found a way to get the drama I wanted but looked a little softer.” —Catherine, 29

“I wore bright red lipstick because I was stubborn, and yes, it smeared. On my mouth, on my husband, it wasn’t a good look. It was like the smear for smear campaign except it was my wedding. I wish I’d worn a stain. They don’t have the potential to get all over your face and worse, your white dress.” —Camila, 38

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“I over-tweezed and was so mad at myself. Don’t let yourself go near tweezers for at least two weeks before your wedding. I was super stressed and neurotic and totally plucked them bare a few days beforehand, so we had a lot of brow faking to do on the day-of and I didn’t feel quite like myself. It turned out fine it was just not ideal. Hide your tweezers from yourself.” —Emily, 27

“Don’t skip the makeup trial! This is my best piece of advice to all brides. And take pictures after the trial (in similar lighting) so there will be no surprises on the big day. You don’t want to enter your wedding day not knowing how the makeup is going to look. It’s too much of a risk!” —Tara, 30

“I did my own makeup for my wedding, and really wish I had used false eyelashes. They just make such a difference in photos and if I could do one thing over, it would be that. If you’re getting your makeup done professionally, they’ll probably use false eyelashes anyways, but be sure to ask. The difference in photos between my friends who used them and those who didn’t is crazy. We all wish we had. Plus it means less mascara to bleed when you cry! And the glue they have can hold up to the tears.” —Kyra, 28

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