‘Real Housewives Of Dallas’ Newbie Tiffany Moon’s Home Gym Is #Goals

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Photo credit: Bravo - Getty Images
Photo credit: Bravo - Getty Images

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When The Real Housewives of Dallas cast returns for season five, there will be plenty of familiar faces and at least one newbie. Dr. Tiffany Moon, MD, is the new housewife on the block. She's a Dallas-based doctor and more than ready for her big debut.

If you've been watching previous seasons, she may already look familiar. Tiffany made cameo appearances in the past as a guest at some of D'Andra Simmons' events. Now, she's letting everyone know, "I can save your life but not your reputation."

Talk about an entrance. This doctor mom leads a fab, fascinating life, so here's everything you need to know about Tiffany Moon on and off The Real Housewives of Dallas.

She works as an anesthesiologist.

Tiffany earned her undergraduate degree from Cornell University at age 19. Then, she completed medical school in four years pushed by her "Tiger Parents," per her Bravo bio. She now works as an anesthesiologist for UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas and has earned a spot in the Best Doctors issue of D Magazine the last two years in a row.

"I took a leap of faith, and I'm here for it," Tiffany told ET. "This is something out of my comfort zone. It was an opportunity that was offered to me that I really wanted to take advantage of, because I think that young girls need to see more doctors on reality TV because we are real women. You will see me struggle with balancing working as a physician and having young children at home. I think people need to see more of that on TV instead of things that are, you know, make-believe and not at all like most people's normal lives."

Tiffany immigrated to the U.S. from China at six years old.

Tiffany didn't grow up in mansions like her current RHOD pad. She was born in a small town outside of Beijing. "I had nothing when I moved to America," she told ET. "I lived in a one-bedroom apartment in a not great area of town, and I didn't even have a bed. I slept on a twin mattress on the floor, like it was just a mattress with a blanket. My parents barely knew English. They were trying to make things work, and brought me to America to give me a better life..."

She hopes her participation in RHOD helps inspire others and create much-needed on-screen representation. "I will tell you when I moved to the United States in the early '90s and I got to watch TV as a treat, there was no one that looked like me. I thought that I was... not ugly, but just not special, or that anyone who looked like me could never be on TV and I just think it's so important for little girls to have role models that they can look up to that looked like that. I mean, I think that representation really does matter."

She’s married to Daniel Moon, and he’s already kinda famous.

Tiffany's husband works for the family company, Sam Moon, as VP and general counsel. Daniel helped the real estate empire transform from wholesalers to hoteliers, with a collection of Marriott properties now in the portfolio, per D Magazine.

Btw, Tiffany's father-in-law is the prominent Dallas entrepreneur Sam Moon, who founded the biz. Daniel's net worth is estimated to top $10 million.

Tiffany is a mom to twin girls and two stepchildren.

She and her husband share daughters, Chloe and Madison, who are six years old. He also has two children, a son and a daughter, from his previous marriage. Tiffany's whole family approved of her joining the show. The fam live in a sprawling 12,000 square-foot home.

Filming pushed the busy physician to her “breaking point.”

On top of her working mom schedule, Tiffany also added filming and dealing with a global pandemic in 2020. "I felt like [I was at a breaking point] many times," Tiffany told ET. "There will be a few tears. You know, it's hard enough being a physician mom, and then you throw in the pandemic—which of course none of us saw that coming—and there were a few days that I just thought, like, I can't go on anymore. I don't have enough battery left in me to do this, and I talk about the struggles on the show."

And, Tiffany didn’t hold anything back during filming.

Those previews are just the beginning folks. Tiffany says, "I'm gonna let the gates open, they're gonna open—and they did, and here came the rush of water just flooding in."

Tiffany doesn’t care if cast mates call her bossy, either.

Naturally, her open gates strategy created some friction with other cast members. "We only call women bossy, and it almost has a negative connotation to it, like you were telling people what to do," she told ET. "Yeah, I mean, if that's the definition of bossy, then I am bossy. Because sometimes I'll tell people what to do. I'll tell people what to do at work, in order to save patients' lives. I'll tell people how to act when they're in my home, at a party that I'm serving them, and I'll tell my husband and kids what to do sometimes. So if she wants to call me bossy, that's just fine with me."

And, she’s into at-home workouts on her Peloton bike.

Tiffany went through her own Peloton journey, as she hilariously shows in an Instagram video. Her fave instructors are Rebecca Kennedy, Cody Rigsby, and Robin Arzon, btw.

Tiffany's home gym is #goals. In addition to her Peloton Bike, she has a Peloton Tread, dumbbells, and lots of space for any kind of workout.

Tiffany has competed in Tough Mudders with her husband, too.

Talk about a chameleon. Tiffany's feed is full of aspirational fashion, but she's not afraid to get down and dirty in an obstacle race, either.

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