New ‘Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills' Star Annemarie Wiley Is A Total WAG

New ‘Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills' Star Annemarie Wiley Is A Total WAG
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Time to polish your diamonds and dust off your Birkin bags because season 13 of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills premieres on Wednesday, October 25. And since fans last saw the luxurious ladies of LA, there’s been a cast shakeup. Lisa Rinna and Diana Jenkins won’t return for another round of designer-label drama, and new Houswife Annemarie Wiley makes her debut.

For the record: It was Lisa's decision to leave the hit reality show. In an email shared in a sneak preview of the season 13 premiere, she wrote, "I will not be renewing my contract and I will not be coming back to RHOBH," the note reads. "Thank you so much for 8 years!!!! All the best, Lisa."

Andy Cohen said on Watch What Happens Live that he hopes Lisa Rinna will eventually come back. "I really do hope that this is a pause. I hope she will come back. I really do," he said. "I've talked to Tamra [Judge] about this a lot. Tamra, ultimately said to me before she came back to this, she said, 'You know what? My time away from the show kind of helped me as a person.' And she said, 'I think it was actually really positive to leave and get some air and step back.' So I just hope that Lisa will humor us and comes back."

Watch this sneak peak of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 13:

But, in the meantime, Annemarie is joining the group of glam gals. So, who is Annemarie Wiley, and what can fans expect from her this season? Here’s everything you need to new about the newest member of RHOBH.

Who is Annemarie Wiley?

Annemarie was adopted shortly after she was born and grew up in Vancouver. As an adult, the newest Housewife is a “self-professed Type A personality” who's “always on the go,” according to her official Bravo bio. Annemarie joined the group through Kyle Richards, which she explained in a new cast member Instagram Q&A.

What's more: Annemarie is “a force unto herself who doesn’t suffer fools gladly,” and—mini-spoiler alert!—she has some issues with Sutton Stracke and Crystal Kung Minkoff this season, per Bravo.

Who is Annemarie Wiley's husband?

Annemarie is married to former NFL player Marcellus Wiley, who played for the Buffalo Bills, San Diego Chargers, Dallas Cowboys, and Jacksonville Jaguars. (WAG alert!) He’s now a sports broadcaster.

Does Annemarie have kids?

Yup! Annemarie and Marcellas have three children—two daughters and a son. She also parents Marcellus’ daughter from a previous relationship, per her bio.

How old is she?

Annemarie is 40 years old, and she just celebrated a birthday. (HBD, Annemarie!)

What does Annemarie do for work?

Annemarie is a registered nurse who focuses on anesthesia.

How does Annemarie spend her free time?

Annemarie’s Instagram content is, like, 70 percent fitness. You can spot her hanging at the gym in a bra top and matching leggings, posing with a buddy after a hot yoga class, and taking a mirror selfie while strength training.

What is Annemarie's net worth?

There’s not a ton of information on her net worth, but Marcellus has a net worth of $5 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. However, says that nurse anesthetists can make up to $256,000 per year, so Annemarie seems to be doing quite well for herself, too.

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