Read Queen Elizabeth's Sweet Note to Her Father Upon Coronation

This weekend marks the coronation of King Charles and Queen Camilla—a monumental event that hasn't been seen for the last 70 years! And as everyone prepares for the pomp and circumstance that will take place on May 6, the royal family has been sharing some rare and fascinating details about coronations from the past.

Most people wouldn't have been around for the coronation of King George VI (Queen Elizabeth II's father) and it wasn't aired on television or online as it is today. In fact, Queen Elizabeth's coronation back in 1953 was the first to be televised live from London. But thanks to recently resurfaced documents and photos shared by the Royal Collection Trust, we can get a glimpse into what the coronation was like back in 1937.

The source? A handwritten note from an 11-year-old Queen Elizabeth (nicknamed Lilibet) to her father.

This sweet message written in colored pencil reads:

"To Mummy and Papa. In Memory of Their Coronation. From Lilibet by Herself."

The former princess even underlined the word "herself" as proof of just how proud she was!

The post also includes a rare photograph of the young princess, King George VI, The Queen Mother, and Princess Margaret.

The note is part of a larger documentation from Queen Elizabeth II, which the royal family shared on Twitter. It recounts the full events of the day, including a detailed description of her dress and the procession in the carriage which she described as "very jolty, but we soon got used to it."

She also remarked on how she felt when her father was crowned—and we can only imagine how special that moment was.

"I thought it all very, very wonderful and I expect the Abbey did too," she wrote, "The arches and beams at the top was covered with a sort of haze of wonder as Papa was Crowned, at least I thought so."

At the time, Prince Charles was only four years old when Queen Elizabeth II was crowned, so he was too young to record his memories of the day.

prince charles with his aunt, princess margaret r and his grandmother, elizabeth the queen mother, at the 1953 coronation of his mother, queen elizabeth ii photo by hulton deutschhulton deutsch collectioncorbis via getty images
The soon-to-be King Charles at Queen Elizabeth’s coronation in 1953.Hulton Deutsch - Getty Images

But as his own coronation draws near, we're sure the royal family will be making their own memories and notes of the special event.

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