Rascal Flatts’ Gary LeVox Sings ‘Life is a Highway’ While Polishing Platinum Record

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“Life is a Driveway” is my favorite song.

It's been 16 years since Disney's Cars was released, but the love for the movie—and its soundtrack—prevails, and Rascal Flatts singer Gary LeVox is one such fan. The musician took to TikTok to share a short video of himself polishing the platinum record he received for the band's cover of Tom Cochrane's "Life is a Highway," which was featured in the hit Pixar film.

"How do these people manage to get in here?! #rascalflatts #lifeisahighway #disneycars," LeVox captioned the video, which opened with a shot of the singer meticulously cleaning the glass and frame.

"Hey, Gary!" the videographer called out as she crept up to him, seeming to have snuck into the room.

He looked up from his work. "Yeah?"

"Can you sing me that, like, what was that big hit that you guys had? Uh, 'Life is a Driveway?' Or…what was it called again?"

"Oh, that old thing?" he asked, pointing to the title placard on the wall.

"Oh, yeah!"

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LeVox then broke effortlessly into the chorus as he continued to shine up the record. "Yep, I remember that," he confirmed before turning to walk away.

"Life is a drive by 🔫," one commenter joked, referring to the apparent ambush by the videographer, but even if he was unprepared, LeVox proved he's still got it.

"A LEGEND," another commenter wrote, with someone else agreeing, "The crocs. The sunglasses. The voice. Immaculate"

As one eagle-eyed commenter pointed out, those Crocs appeared to possibly be designed to look like Lightening McQueen.

"excuse me, are those lightning mcqueen crocs?! incredible ⚡️," they said.

They may also just be a red pair of shoes (can anyone with a stronger pause game confirm?), but we'll choose to believe that he did, in fact, don a pair for the camp of it all.

Either way, as the video's title card read, "Life sure is a highway."

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