Ranking 32 WWE Entrance Themes That Will Make You Want To Step Inside A Wrestling Ring

The WWE is all about showmanship and presentation. And what better way for a wrestler to stand out than to have some awesome entrance music?

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Here's a list of some of the best entrance songs for Active superstars featured on Raw, SmackDown, and NXT:

Honorable Mention: "Limitless" (Keith Lee's NXT Theme)


This easily would have been in the top five, but unfortunately, this theme wasn't limitless when Lee made his way to the main roster. It was replaced by a weird remix edition with the artist shouting "Keith Lee, Keith Lee" over and over again.

Good entrance music or not, Lee will be sure to make everyone "Bask in His Glory" when he returns.

32."I Came to Play" (feat. Downstait) (The Miz)


An arrogant song for an arrogant character.

This song might be the most fitting theme in all of WWE, and it is a solid hype song.

31."Loaded" (Jeff Hardy)


I wish I could have "No More Words" on this list, but this will do for now. Still a solid theme, but it does not feel the same without both Hardy boys present.

30."Hellfire" (Sheamus)



A solid entrance theme — although people prefer his old theme, this one is still pretty epic.

29."Booyaka 619" (Rey Mysterio)


Go to a wrestling event and just shout, "Booyaka, booyaka." The response should be a chorus of people shouting, "Six, one, nine."

The luchador of Lucha libre also has a theme that gets the crowd popping.

28."Thunder Boom" (Adam Cole)


A lot of people prefer the Undisputed Era theme, but to me, this feels more Adam Cole. The UDE theme was really just a knockoff of the NWO theme.

More "boom" emphasis and more of a heel vibe to this theme.

27."Bring the Swag" (feat. J-Frost) (Street Profits)


I hear this and just picture Dawkins pretending to stir something up onstage.

A great face theme, and it matches the level of energy of these two men who want all the smoke.

26."Titan" (Bobby Lashley)


The closest thing WWE can get to matching the Jaws music. It's regal, but fierce, and truly one of the better new themes of the past year.

25."The Fury" (Alexa Bliss)


One of the cooler remixes in the WWE. I keep waiting for Electro from The Amazing Spider-Man 2 to come flying in. The electro-funk to this theme really makes it stand out and makes Alexa look like a monster walking to the ring.

24."Soul March" (Santos Escobar)


More of a song to "groove" to than a head-rocker, but it is still fantastic.

23."Gallantry" (Drew McIntyre)


A little bland, but once the song really starts to hit, it's actually pretty awesome. Fits Drew really well, and it works well with all the pyro.

Overall, an underrated theme and entrance.

22."Recognition" (Charlotte Flair)


I can hear the "woos" with this song. A great rendition of her father Ric Flair's theme, it still has a very retro vibe to it.

21."Sher (Lion)" (Jinder Mahal)


There is no better theme for the "Modern Day Maharaja."

Never been introduced to Punjabi rap before, but this is superb.

20."Fight" (Kevin Owens)


One of the best song introductions of all the WWE themes. Easily recognized as K.O.'s theme without it being a sound effect or his name being shouted.

Sounds a bit generic, but fits him and the wrestling universe so well.

19."Amazing (Remix)" (Naomi)


It's hard to top Naomi's dance remix as an entrance theme. Truly one of a kind, just like her.

18."Worlds Apart" (Sami Zayn)


Works better for Sami as a face, but it is still a catchy tune. No conspiracy here on why this isn't higher; there are just better themes.

17."Done With That (Day One Remix)" (The Usos)


A great evolution of their tag theme, and again, effective as a heel or face theme.

The crowd always seems to get a little hyped when they hear the "USOS!"

16."One and Only" (Ricochet)


Wish they gave this man more to do on television. Great theme and fits the bill for hero. This man's character is basically a superhero, so it'd be cool to see him stay face but go a little darker (e.g., Sting), and the theme would still work well.

15."I'm a Star" (Franky Monet)


Maybe the newest theme of the bunch, but it is already one of the better ones.

Franky was a big star outside of the WWE, and now on arrival, her song is a not-so-subtle reminder to know who she is.

14."Voices (feat. Rev Theory)" (Randy Orton)


"I hear voices in my head," are the first words that come to mind when I see Randy Orton. The best theme introduction by far and a solid song to get the blood pumping.

13."Symphony No. 9 in E Minor" (Walter & Imperium)


This song is quite the marching tune. Walter is a future star in WWE, and this theme elevates him to this intimidatingly, yet regal, tough guy status.

12."Tokyo Shock" (Io Shirai)


Io Shirai's rebirth as a heel was one of the greatest things I've witnessed in wrestling. This dark take on her is fantastic, and the theme...forget about it.

The strobe lights for the entrance hurt my eyes a bit, but even more reason to listen to the YouTube version.

11."Number One" (Mia Yim)


I am cheating and counting Mia Yim's theme on this list since her alter ego of Reckoning's theme doesn't count. Everything about Mia as a wrestler stands out, so it is only appropriate that her theme is one of the most original in WWE.

10."Watch Me Shine" (Bianca Belair)


The little hair whip at the beginning of this theme jumps right into the song.

9."Dead Silent" (Karrion Kross & Scarlett)


Fall and pray!

Powerful theme that really helped reassert that Karrion Kross was a legitimate prospect when he debuted. Presentation matters, and this theme fits one of the best entrances very well.

8."The Future" (Asuka)


The Empress of Today, Tomorrow, and Forever still has one of the top face entrance themes. Catchy and fun like Asuka, nobody is ready for this awesome theme.

7."Brutality" (Rhea Ripley)


A song as rough as Ripley.

It's hard to make any theme stand out — never mind a rock song — but "Brutality" is fantastic.

6."Catch Your Breath (Remix)" (Finn Bálor)


A fun theme that the audience loves to participate with, and it almost has a high fantasy feel to it, which fits well with Bálor.

5."Let Me In" (feat. Code Orange) (The Fiend)


The first time I heard the "catching flies" lyric and realized this was a remix of his original theme made me so happy. This is the darkest and most twisted take of Bray Wyatt's storied career.

4."Sky's the Limit (Remix)" feat. Snoop Dogg (Sasha Banks)


Another one of the great face themes, but with the added remix and Snoop Dogg on the track, it works well for both good and bad Banks. She also has the talent to pull off both, and not every superstar does.

3."Visionary" (Seth Rollins)


They should consider altering this theme every year, because at this point, there is no way to ruin it. Seriously, this is like the fourth or fifth rendition of his original "The Second Coming," and it is always a hype-machine.

So whether he is the King Slayer, the Messiah, or the Drip God, his theme will never disappoint.

2."Phenomenal" (AJ Styles)


You don't want none.

A theme not even originally intended for the Phenomenal One, but it fits him so well. A song singing about "Southern boys" and "rednecks" has no business hitting this hard. It currently has 18 million views on YouTube.

1."The Rising Sun" (Shinsuke Nakamura)


With 49 million views on YouTube, there was only one choice for No. 1 on this list.

Whether it is his face or heel version, Nakamura's theme is the definition of perfection. Matches the character, the audience gets hyped, and it is wonderful to listen to over and over again. Take a bow, Shin: You have the best theme in WWE.

Which theme do you like the best? Comment below!