Rachel Bilson Just Dropped A New Vacay Bikini Pic, And Her Abs Are 💯

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Photo credit: Rachel Bilson - Instagram
Photo credit: Rachel Bilson - Instagram
  • Rachel Bilson just shared a rare bikini photo from her vacation in Mexico, and she was all kinds of toned.

  • In her Instagram post, the 41-year-old actress showed off her abs in a high-waisted bikini while floating in an inner tube.

  • Rachel hasn't shared much about her fitness routines lately, but she is big on maintaining a healthy diet.

The last official day of summer is coming, and plenty of people are trying to squeeze in some warm-weather fun before the season is over. Case in point: Rachel Bilson.

The Hart of Dixie alum just dropped a series of pics on Instagram that show her floating in an inner tube—and falling out of it—while hanging out at the Four Seasons Punta Mita in Mexico. In the photos, the 41-year-old actress shows off super toned legs and her six-pack abs in a gorgeous high-waisted bikini before…she totally bites it. Rachel does save her drink from falling in the water, though. Cheers!

“Take me back, with better balance,” she joked in the caption, as people cheered her on. “Soaking up the last rays of summer in comfort with style!!! 😁🤗🌄💯♥️😍,” one person wrote in the comments. “Amazing 🔥,” another commented.

In the past, Rachel opened up to Women’s Health about her love of tennis and dancing, but she hasn’t shared a ton over the past few years about her workouts. Still, it’s clear that she likes to stay active.

Earlier this year, she dropped a video of herself out throwing a ball for her adorable pup, joking that she has two years of Tee-ball under her belt.

Rachel is a healthy eater, too. She ~just~ shared on her Instagram Story that she’s a big fan of a snack that involves sliced cucumbers, lemon, and salt, which sounds all kinds of delicious. Last year, Rachel also revealed last year that she’s developed a charcuterie hobby, and it’s seriously impressive. Peep the variation and breathtaking beauty of this creation:

In 2021, Rachel told Green Matters that she’s big on oat milk (she’s a Planet Oat partner, BTW). She uses it to make vegan pancakes, fudgesicles, banana bread, and overnight oats.

“We soak the oats in oat milk and then we add lots of fun stuff to it, and my daughter loves it,” she said. “I pack it in Mason jars and it sits in the fridge, ready to go. That is definitely our biggest staple.” Okay, yum!

Rachel also shared with Eat This, Not That! that she likes to make a healthier version of chicken parmesan. "It's almost sacrilegious to change any of the Italian recipes, but, if you do the chicken in the oven and you don't do the breadcrumbs, the Parmesan cheese, and the melted mozzarella, you have a healthier option," she said. "I'm not saying that's our first choice in our household, but that's a version of it you can do."

Love it, Rachel! Soak up that sun!

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