Quit Your Day Job: Walmart Store Managers Make More Money Than Some Doctors Do

Photo credit: SOPA Images - Getty Images
Photo credit: SOPA Images - Getty Images

From Delish

Walmart released its annual Environmental, Social & Governance Report on Wednesday. The 94-page document is filled with information on Walmart's commitments, goals and achievements regarding sustainability, employee wellbeing, and product sourcing, among other issues. The most surprising statistics to come out of it, though, were those regarding employee salaries.

While Walmart has been criticized in the past for employees' low wages, they now say 100 percent of U.S. workers earn above the federal minimum wage ($7.25 an hour). The company has raised starting wages by more than 50 percent in the last three years, and the average wage for a full-time, hourly associate is now $14.26. Interestingly, most hourly associates are full time.

Even wilder, though, is the average salary for store managers. Per the report, Walmart store managers earn an average of $175,000 a year in the U.S. Most of those people-75 percent, Walmart says-started as hourly employees. The report also describes internal programs like "Pathways" meant to give employees skills to further their job opportunities and increase mobility.

That's more than the average manager salary at In-N-Out, which was reported as $160,000 a year in 2018. It's also more than the median salary for pediatricians and dentists, per the U.S. News and World Report.

On the environmental front, Walmart aims to achieve an 18 percent emissions reduction in its operations by 2025, compared to a 2015 baseline. By 2025, they hope to be powered by 50 percent renewable sources.

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