Queer Eye’s Bobby Berk Is Helping People Redesign Their Animal Crossing Homes

Kelly Allen
Photo credit: Queer Eye/Twitter
Photo credit: Queer Eye/Twitter

From House Beautiful

You may never get the chance to have Queer Eye’s Bobby Berk give your home a makeover, but how does getting his advice on virtual design sound? The interior designer is sharing his expertise with Animal Crossing video game players who want to make the most of their virtual homes.

The official Queer Eye Twitter account asked players to reply to its tweet with photos of their virtual Animal Crossing homes and the hashtag #QExAC for a chance to get design tips from Berk. So far, the designer has given advice on implementing cozy seating areas, moving furniture away from walls, adding wall décor, and removing too much furniture.

Berk loved the effort some players put in. He especially loved a mansion with a musical aesthetic, a kitchen featuring large windows, and a completely retro living space. He even cracked a few jokes at some rooms that were pretty wild, saying that some look hilariously random and others look like they have too many smells going on. He only speaks the truth, folks!

The Queer Eye Twitter account pinned the tweet to the top of its page, and it doesn’t mention an end date to Berk’s replies. So, if you have a virtual home that’s in desperate need of help—or you just want Berk to see your finest virtual design work (and maybe get his seal of approval!)—go reply to that tweet ASAP.

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