Queen Elizabeth Put Her Hands in Her Pockets and Nearly “Brought the Monarchy Down”

Queen Elizabeth Put Her Hands in Her Pockets and Nearly “Brought the Monarchy Down”
Photo credit: Carl De Souza - Getty Images
Photo credit: Carl De Souza - Getty Images

From Cosmopolitan

  • Queen Elizabeth posed for a photo with her hands in her pockets.

  • It was once said that a pose like this “would bring the monarchy down.”

  • Meghan Markle was heavily criticized when she put her hands in her dress pockets last year.

The royal family doesn’t actually have any formal say in international affairs, but Queen Elizabeth’s longtime dressmaker and friend Angela Kelly just revealed a new photo of Her Majesty, and it has severe international implications. Just calling it like it is!

In her new book, Angela identified herself as the Queen's "flunky" and shared an undated photo that shows Queen Elizabeth totally in her element, standing in the palace with her hands nestled in the pockets of a freshly-pressed white dress. Comfy as that may be, it's apparently borderline scandalous! (Remember: Meghan Markle was dragged through the mud last year when she dared to utilize her own pockets.)

According to Angela, the Queen's mother and staff previously warned her about such "informal" poses and said if the Queen actually went through with the radical photoshoot, it "would bring the Monarchy down." That's...a lot!

Angela wasn't as concerned with such protocol, though, and when she was helping the Queen get ready for the picture, she thought, "If I might have a wonderful opportunity to make the Queen’s wish come true." Obviously the Queen was on board, and despite what her mom and staffers once thought, people on Twitter are happily surprised by the pic.

Mostly, everyone strongly identifies with the Queen's excited smile and compared her reaction to one you have when you realize your dress has pockets. (Fingers crossed this will finally convince clothing brands that women want pockets in their clothes!!)

Another user said she looked "v chill and v contemporary" when they realized, "Pockets are a thing apparently!"

And the monarchy lives on. V dope.

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