Will There Be a 'Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story' Season 2?

This posts includes spoilers from Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story.

The question on everyone's mind after finishing Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story (aside from whether Brimsley will ever find love) is whether the spinoff will get a second season. Sure, the show was greenlit as a six-episode limited series in 2021, but tell that to fans of White Lotus or Big Little Lies. It's not unheard for an intended one-and-done property to turn into a longer-running series if it's successful enough (Queen Charlotte will be) and has the story to warrant it (it does!). Why not hope for the best?

Will there be a Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story Season 2?

Netflix hasn't ordered a second season of Queen Charlotte just yet, but anything is possible (provided the writers' strike ever ends).

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What could happen in a Queen Charlotte Season 2?

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The existing season of Queen Charlotte is heavy on backstory. We find out how our titular queen meets King George III, how she adjusts to his mental health problems and how she rises to prominence. We even learn how she comes to love Pomeranians (a breed that her younger self, played by India Amarteifio, refers to as "a deformed bunny"). But there are still plenty of storylines to explore in a follow-up: What was Charlotte's marriage to George like through the years? How was she able to rule with more than a dozen kids at her feet?

The six episodes we've got so far are structured to include two storylines—the "present day," in which Golda Rosheuvel plays a Regency Era Charlotte—and the past. With that in mind, perhaps the "real time" storyline in Season 2 can be a fictionalized imagining of George's death, which was dangled in Season 1. That would be sad, for sure, but it would also be a natural jumping off point for adult Charlotte to reflect on her love story—and take us with her when she does.

Will there be other Bridgerton spinoffs?

Could Brimsley get a spinoff?
Could Brimsley get a spinoff?

We're left with lots of lingering questions at the end of the show's six episodes, and several of them relate to characters other than the queen: What happens between a young Brimsley and Reynolds (Sam Clemmett and Freddie Dennis, respectively)? How does a young Lady Danbury (Arsema Thomas) move past her affair with Lord Ledger (Keir Charles)? When does Lady Violet, played as a kid by Connie Jenkins-Greigan and as an adult by Ruth Gemmell, meet the love of her life, Viscount Edmund Bridgerton?

The spinoff possibilities are endless, and many fans speculate that an entirely new prequel is more likely than a Queen Charlotte Season 2. As long as Amarteifio and Corey Mylchreest (who plays young King George) are still part of the cast, we're in.

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Is there a Bridgerton Season 3 to look forward to?

Indeed! Netflix ordered Seasons 3 and 4 of the flagship Bridgerton series in April 2021. The third installment, which doesn't have a release date but is expected out this year, will focus on the relationship between Colin Bridgerton (Luke Newton) and Penelope Featherington (Nicola Coughlan).

Perhaps it'll also feature a callback to one of Queen Charlotte's present-day storylines and show Lady Violet finally getting her "blooming garden" watered. After all, the series can always use more sex scenes.

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