Quarantine Cooking: Southern Style Buttermilk Ranch Baked Chicken

It doesn't get more delicious than this.

Video Transcript


RONI PROTER: If you've ever wondered why fried chicken at a restaurant tastes so good, part of the reason is because they allow the meat to marinate. I'm using buttermilk to marinate this chicken, and it makes it so tender and moist. That zesty ranch dressing is going to make this unfried baked chicken out of this world.

If you put your marinade along with your chicken into a big Ziploc bag, there is no mess or cleanup. The longer this marinates in the fridge, the more flavor it's going to have. Corn flakes are such an unexpected yet simple coating. And one piece of chicken at a time, pop it into your bag and give it a good shake.

So I've got it in a hot oven at 400 degrees, but we're going to flip them every few minutes to keep them nice and crispy. This looks even better than fried chicken. And I didn't have to get my kitchen dirty, which is the best part. That tangy buttermilk, all of the herbs, and that corn flake crusty crunch.