Puppies escape while husband sleeps through ‘night duty’: ‘How did he not wake up?’

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A wife caught her husband sleeping through his “puppy night duty,” and it was pure chaos.

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TikToker Dawn Byrne posted footage from the family’s security cameras. One night, her husband was supposed to be watching a litter of puppies. But the tiny dogs had other plans — and so did the husband’s sleep.

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“When the husband’s on puppy night duty and I’m woken at 4.40am Sunday morning to find puppies have escaped,” the caption read.

Security footage showed the husband sound asleep on the couch. He was seriously out cold. Across from him was a full puppy pen. While the man of the house was lost in slumber, two of the puppies made their escape.

It looked like they were greeted by their mama dog, who kept them wrangled in the living room. Meanwhile, the husband was totally oblivious to the ruckus of a scene unfolding mere feet from him.

“How did he not wake up with the puppy squeals?!” someone asked.

Byrne replied, “I have no idea as I heard them and I was upstairs in bed asleep and they woke me up.”

“I know this feeling come downstairs to utter chaos and the night guard snoring away,” a user said.

“The way the second one rolls out and he’s asleep oblivious,” a person wrote.

“You can literally see the confusion on mumma dog,” a TikToker added.

“The mum trying to figure out what has happened and you can see her piecing it all together,” another replied.

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