PSA: The Tarot Knows Alllll About Your Love Life

Sarah Potter
Photo credit: Katie Buckleitner - Getty Images
Photo credit: Katie Buckleitner - Getty Images

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Whether you believe tarot is a gateway to divine insight or a tool that uses symbolism to help you reflect, the cards can help us navigate overwhelming questions or offer insight on an important occasion.... or one that's a little more caj.

See, you might get a tarot reading for an important event like your birthday, or when you’re about to make a major life decision. But instead of questions about soul mates, marriage, or all that big-picture stuff, what if you’ve got a question that’s a lil lighter? Like, how do you use tarot to find out a little something-something about a new love interest or crush?

Yep, it’s totally fine to check in with the cards for questions that are a less than life-shattering, like “Does my crush like me back?” or “Is this situationship going anywhere?” The early stages of romance can bring butterflies and excitement, but they can also bring uncertainty and stress. This simple tarot spread can offer a new perspective on your current sitch while alleviating some of those annoying unknowns.

How to do a tarot spread for love

Clear your mind, take a few deep breaths, and shuffle your cards. When you feel ready, lay out five cards in a row. Then, look up each card’s meaning as you reflect on the question you’re asking it. If you have a physical tarot deck, it likely came with a booklet explaining each card's meaning, but if not, you can look up the symbolism in an online glossary like or or a free app Mystic Mondays. If you don’t own a tarot deck, you can draw cards virtually with a free app like Golden Thread.

Card One: How am I feeling about my crush?

Tarot can be like your straight-shooting best friend who tells it like it is. What’s up? How are you really feeling about this person? Card number one is telling you to ask yourself if this is a major infatuation, or if you're just bored and looking for a distraction.

Card Two: How is my crush feeling about me?

Okay, so let’s get into what you really want to know... how is your crush feeling about you? Do they even know you’re alive? Do you remind them of their mom (not necessarily a bad thing, though it could be weird)? Are they just as obsessed with you as you are with them? Card number two offers a little insight into what’s going on in their head because hello, we need to know!!!!

Card Three: What else do I need to know about this person and their current situation?

We now know how your crush FEELS about you, but sometimes we need to know more than just how they're feeling. Card number three offers a little more info on what this person is currently facing and lets us in on any potential obstacles or warnings. Like, are they lying about their age? Are they secretly married? Are they not over their ex?

Card 4: What’s my next move?

Now, what do we do with all this info? Is it time for a big romantic gesture? Or should you just DM them a meme? This card might tell you it’s time to send a text to check in, or it might give you an excruciatingly annoying reminder that the timing is kinda off right now, so the best move could be no move at all. (Sorry!)

Card 5: Where is this all headed?

Does this connection have major staying power or is it going nowhere fast? The final card of our spread leaves you with a glimpse into the future of this potential (or not) relationship. But hey, if the cards tell you it’s just a fling, maybe you just want to have a little fun and save the serious stuff for someone else… and when you meet them, you can begin this spread all over again.

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