PSA: Limited-Edition Fried Pickle & Ranch Popcorn Is Now Available at Sam’s Club

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We all flocked to Sam’s Club for Baby Yoda cereal, birthday cake-flavored Skinny Pop and an epically priced wine Advent calendar. Now, there’s yet another delicious reason to make the trip: Fried Pickle & Ranch popcorn just hit shelves for a limited time.

Created by Popcornopolis, purveyor of gourmet popcorns in every flavor from honey butter to jalapeño cheddar, the Fried Pickle & Ranch variety just came to Sam’s Club on May 1. It will be available exclusively at Sam’s Club stores through August, so you can snack on it all summer long. (We’ll be having it in place of potato chips with our first cheeseburger and ice-cold pickle spear of the summer, thank you very much.)

As we’d never turn down any pickle or pickle-flavored treat, we had to try it for ourselves and were impressed at first bite. If you’ve never tried fried pickles, they’re vinegary and punchy on the inside and irresistibly crisp on the outside due to a layer of breading. Dunking them in ranch dressing adds a cool, creamy element that complements the crunch and intensity of the pickles.

The popcorn hits all the same notes: It’s crunchy, zesty and has strong notes of dill. Vinegar powder makes it mildly mouth-puckering, while garlic powder, onion powder and additional spices mimic the flavors often found in pickling brine. It’s even creamy in honor of ranch dressing, thanks to the addition of buttermilk solids to the seasoning.

You can try your luck at a Sam’s Club store near you or order a bag for pick up online for $5. It’s also available for delivery on Instacart for nearly $6 if you’re feeling extra lazy. (We’d recommend queuing up a movie and readying your biggest popcorn bowl while you wait for it to arrive, but that’s just us.)

Buy it ($5)

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