PSA: Everyone Will Be Making Taylor Swift Friendship Bracelets for the Eras Tour Film

taylor swift performing on stage and a photo of concert attendees wearing friendship bracelets
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After the Eras Tour craze of summer 2023, the first thing that comes to mind when I think of friendship bracelets isn't summer camp or childhood sleepovers anymore. It's Taylor Swift fans.

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With Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour hitting AMC theatres on October 13, Swifties everywhere will be DIY-ing their own bracelets ahead of the film's release to exchange with fellow movie-goers, just as they did during the US leg of the Eras Tour. It's safe to say fans' obsession with Taylor Swift friendship bracelets has only just begun, and all you need to join in the fun is this friendship bracelet-making kit that's just $1o on Amazon.

To better understand Swifties' fascination with colorful beaded friendship bracelets, I consulted Summer Cartwright, Firstfinds' senior editor and the office expert on all things Taylor Swift. "At the Eras Tour, Swifties tossed these bracelets from section to section and filled their wrists with as many as they could get their hands on. It's not uncommon to see fans come to concerts with plastic bags filled to the brim with bracelets to give away, and I'm sure we can expect the same for the concert film. So, along with bringing your comfy movie theater sweats, I recommend bringing five to 10 bracelets to trade with other people in the crowd."

Swifties' obsession with Taylor Swift friendship bracelets can be traced back to a line in her 2022 track, You're On Your Own Kid, which reads: "Make the friendship bracelets, take the moment and taste it." The nostalgic craft is now a way for Swifties to prove their loyalty, commemorate their Eras Tour concert date, and connect with other die-hard fans.

So, what do you put on a Taylor Swift friendship bracelet? I gathered my Swiftie friends in a group chat and asked what their Eras Tour bracelets said to get some ideas. While there were plenty of eras, album titles, song lyrics, and concert dates, everyone's favorites featured inside jokes and Easter eggs for fellow Swifties to solve. "Taylor's Version," "Mother is mothering," and "$#%$ Scooter Braun" were among the dozens of beaded Taylor Swift bracelets they collected over the summer. And, they expected to see red and gold Travis Swift and Taylor Kelce bracelets start making an appearance this fall.

taylor swift friendship bracelets the eras tour at sofi stadium
Michael Buckner - Getty Images

Cartwright said she'll be putting "Bejeweled, Mirrorball, Gaylore and mhmhmbmlttfapomtydtguomliwabdnisfsiahcosofuwsocgiwallqmfwttoyhpcsfoptp" (the first letters of every word from the bridge to 'Death by a Thousand Cuts,' obviously.) "A lot of Swifties will put acronyms for lyrics or song titles, and they can get long, like 20 letters long, so figuring out what it means is like a Swiftie badge of honor."

Not only do Taylor Swift friendship bracelets make for a fun night-in activity before seeing the film, but they also make excellent (and affordable) gifts for Swifties this holiday season. Fans on social media have plenty of Taylor Swift friendship bracelet ideas too, so I recommend scrolling through #SwiftTok if you need more inspiration.

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