PSA: Alix Earle’s Fave White Eyeliner is Only $6 on Amazon

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Alix Earle’s Fave White Eyeliner is $6 on AmazonRETAILERS/DESIGN BY YOORAKIM - Hearst Owned

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Alix Earle’s TikTok fame feels relatable. Whether it’s her messy room, complaints about upcoming college exams, or her affordable fashion picks, there's something about it that feels like you're kicking back with your bestie.

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Aside from being our newest BFF in our heads, Alix has become one of the beauty It-girlies — giving us look after look to recreate for date nights with your bf, senior picture day, or prom. One of her signature makeup tricks is brightening and accentuating the eyes with white eyeliner. Thanks to the notorious ‘Alix Earle effect,’ her army of followers (and even some fellow It-Girls) are copying the technique, which is so budget-friendly. For years, the fashion and beauty influencer has stayed loyal to this $6 white eyeliner pencil from NYX.

In her viral GRWM videos, Alix often adds a quick swipe to her bottom waterline: the small line of skin between the eyelashes and eye. “White liner in the waterline will make your eyes appear bigger and brighter, and overall will make you look more awake,” says Tracy Allen, Senior Product Development Manager at NYX Professional Makeup.

“When applying, gently pull the lower eyelid down to expose the waterline. Avoid tugging on the eye, as the skin around this area is the most delicate,” says Allen. “Continue to run the eyeliner along the waterline until you have achieved your desired intensity.” A little goes a long way, so keep the line thin and precise.

Though Alix may have revived the TikTok makeup hack, she certainly didn’t come up with it herself. Like many a TikTok trend, white eyeliner was used far and wide during the early 2000s and has experienced a recent resurgence in popularity alongside all things Y2K fashion, hair and beauty. And one mustn’t forget the celebrity makeup artists who have been using this trick to help A-listers appear well-rested on the red carpet since before Alix Earle was even born.

“White liner is super versatile, and there are tons of looks you can achieve to brighten up your makeup,” says Allen. “It can be used to create wings for graphic liner looks, or it can be smudged into the inner corners or all over the lid for a glowy, shimmery look.”

And being the multi-tasking queen that she is, Alix uses her white eyeliner on more than just the eyes. In a quick makeup tutorial she posted to TikTok in 2021, Alix revealed she also adds a touch along the bridge of her nose, blending it out to create dimension and add definition.

Whether you're a day-one Alix Earle stan or new to the fandom, this everyday white eyeliner that's available for $6 on Amazon is an essential addition to any makeup routine. The product comes in twelve additional (and equally versatile) shades to help slay your smudgy liner and colorful Euphoria-inspired looks, too.

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