Prue Leith Had A 13-Year Affair & Is Finally Sharing All Of The Details

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Great British Bake Off judge Prue Leith certainly isn't one to hold back. But we absolutely did not expect her to spill all the tea about an old affair with her first husband. Let's just say that you might want to take a seat for this one.

Leith recently spoke in-depth about her affair with Rayne Kruger during an appearance on the White Wine Question Time podcast. Kruger, who would later become her first husband, was married to another woman when their affair started. While news of the affair was revealed in the television host's 2012 autobiography, Relish: My Life on a Plate, she explained that she initially was a bit hesitant to share that part of her life.

"If there are things in your life you're not exactly proud of, but they would be interesting to the reader, you should try to tackle them...I thought, 'You know, to skip it when Rayne was the most important person in my life… how could I not tell his whole story?' So I did," said Leith, according to People.

Leith went into further detail during the podcast, admitting that she wasn't necessarily looking for marriage in the affair.

"I never asked him to leave his wife because I was very happy...I had none of the duties of life and all of the pleasures of somebody who loved me," she explained. "I wasn't pressing for marriage. We did have 13 secret years and nobody ever guessed because we were discreet. It was easier in a way because he was a family friend, chairman of my company, and he'd helped me enormously and everyone knew we were great friends."

With all that being said...Scandoval, who?

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