Proposed Bill in Florida Could Ban Dogs from Hanging Their Heads Out of Car Windows

This bill proposes how dogs should be transported in cars.

There's a new animal welfare bill making its way through Florida's senate that would ban owners from letting dogs put their heads out of the windows of moving vehicles and sit in laps. The bill, proposed by State Senator Lauren Brook, is 29 pages of proposals related to animal welfare , includes banning cat declawing and having a dog ride in a car's trunk.

@NBCLX shared the following report to TikTok.

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As the video stated above, the little dog who jumped out thankfully survived!

A lot of TikTok dog owners applaud this proposed bill, with @Jerryyablans commenting, "As someone who owns a dog and uses a harness for when in the car I couldn’t agree more… my setup is less the $50 and would save my dogs life." @Stupid Steve replies, "If people let their dogs have that much of their bodies out of cars they should have a leash on so they don’t jump out." @Andrew Torres types, "Our new Brittany spaniel has a problem with cars so we buy a car harness that clips into the seat belts. She was freaked out at first but eventually she relaxed."

What do you think about this proposed bill? Do you let your dog ride in the front with the window down or are you more cautious.

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