What Property Brothers' Jonathan Scott Actually Eats in a Day

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Photo credit: Jason Davis / Getty

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Jonathan Scott is going to be real with you: His life has changed since starring in HGTV's hit show, Property Brothers. And in no place is it more noticeable than his diet.

"In every city we go to [for the show], a chef prepares all of our meals for three days at a time," he says. "I know how it sounds-oh, la dee da with your fancy chef-but when we looked into it, it was cheaper than eating out."

Each meal costs about $14, he says, which may not be as affordable as hitting the drive-thru, but part of the appeal is that it's a home-cooked meal that's healthy and set to a certain calorie range, so he doesn't have to think too much about what he's eating. That doesn't mean he doesn't enjoy food though.

"I find cooking very therapeutic, but I just haven't had the luxury of time, day-to-day, to do it lately," he says. "My plan is to one day be fat and happy. Right now, my diet's more p-h-a-t and happy."

Photo credit: Terry Wyatt / Getty
Photo credit: Terry Wyatt / Getty

Here's what livin' the phat life looks like.


If Scott could eat anything, he'd have a platter of bacon and eggs. But most days, he sticks to oatmeal with berries and nuts.

Photo credit: Ethan Calabrese
Photo credit: Ethan Calabrese


Scott's a soup-and-a-sandwich guy for the most part. When he's using a chef service, they'll often give him a list of options to order ahead of time that he can reheat on his own, like salmon teriyaki, pork tenderloin, turkey meatballs with penne or a stir fry.

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Scott's a huge sushi fan. "I eat it at least twice a week," he says. "I'll usually do some salmon nigiri or tuna nigiri. I also love dynamite rolls, shrimp tempura and cucumber salad."

When he's not having sushi or using the chef service, Scott likes to either check out a new restaurant in Las Vegas, where he lives-he's obsessed with Spago, and loves the bleu cheese and bacon burger at Gordon Ramsay BURGR-or throw together a Caesar salad with homemade dressing.

His secret? "I use anchovy paste instead of cutting up anchovies," he says. "People always ask me to make that."

Photo credit: Courtesy of Gimme Some Oven
Photo credit: Courtesy of Gimme Some Oven

His Go-to Recipe

Another dish people regularly ask him to make is a little more time-consuming-and even more unexpected. "They're not exactly the healthiest for you, but I make a good Yorkshire pudding," he says. He perfected his recipe in college, while cooking for his friends.

"There's that mix of timing, getting it to rise and then taking it out, since it continues to cook when it's out of the oven," he explains. "Sometimes I put a little bacon in it for flavor."

His recipe is pretty straightforward: "One part flour, one part milk, two parts egg," he says. "[My brother and I are] Scottish, so we grew up eating that, and in college, we'd make a big batch of Yorkshire pudding or mac and cheese and feast on it for days."

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Photo credit: Getty Images

His Favorite Snack

When Scott's in Canada, he stocks up on Hawkin's Cheezies, a Cheetos-like puff he loves to snack on. "They're to die for," he says. "I've actually found myself making a BLT or some sandwich with a sauce on it, and throwing those on top. I've even made scrambled eggs and thrown them on as opposed to adding cheddar."

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