Production Insiders Detail Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix’s On-Camera Confrontation About Raquel Leviss Affair

Cameras are rolling over at Bravo, and it looks like a production crew caught up with Tom Sadoval and Ariana Madix on Friday to film the fallout of Tom and Raquel Leviss’s affair. And according to Page did not go well!

A source close to production tells the outlet that “Ariana walked away from the conversation feeling like she was gaslit by Tom. He gave her several excuses as to why he never copped to cheating. Tom said he didn’t tell her about the affair with Raquel because he was worried about how it would impact her mental health, even claiming that he was especially concerned after her grandma died last year.”

Another insider said that Tom also used their shared home to justify not telling her about the affair: “The fact that they own a home together was also brought up, and how he thought that would make their breakup even more complicated.”

Meanwhile, Ariana’s Vanderpump Rules friends are “disappointed” with the way Sandoval’s dealing with all this: “[Ariana] has recapped what happened with her friends and castmates, the majority of whom are disappointed Tom seems unable to take accountability for his actions or express substantial remorse. Of course, they’ve been rallying behind her in the passing days.”

FYI, Sandoval did drop a statement, but it was less of an apology to Ariana and more of a plea for fans not to drag Tom Schwartz or their restaurant Schwartz & Sandy’s into things...soooooo...yeah.

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