Producer Julie LaPlaca’s Insta Comment Has Fans Convinced Tayshia Adams Is the New Bachelorette

Mehera Bonner
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From Cosmopolitan

Hello, remember Bachelor producer Julie LaPlaca? Who everyone was convinced was secretly dating Peter Weber? Yeah, well, fans think her recent Instagram comment is proof that ABC has re-cast The Bachelorette with Tayshia Adams.

In case your response to that paragraph is WAIT WHAT, here’s a quick refresher: There’s a rumor circulating the internet that Clare Crawley immediately fell for contestant Dale Moss and basically quit the show because she didn’t want to film with other men. Apparently, producers were left scrambling, and Reality Steve recently confirmed that Tayshia is on=set of the show—indicating that she’s likely the new Bachelorette. All very exciting—just keep in mind that ABC has literally confirmed none of this.

How-ev-er, Tayshia hopped on Instagram a few days ago to post this photo of her shadow...

And Julie LaPlaca went ahead and commented on it with a string of heart and fire emoji, while the official Bachelor Nation Instagram account responded with the raising hands emoji. Naturally, fans think this is proof that Tayshia is, in fact, the new Bachelorette. At least based on comments like “WE SEE YOU, PRODUCERS” and “IT’S HAPPENING.”

Photo credit: Instagram
Photo credit: Instagram

Honestly, so ready for Tayshia to be the Bachelorette, so here’s to hoping these rumors are true!

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