Here’s What a Pro Organizer Would Buy from the Container Store to Revamp a Messy Closet (PureWow)
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We could scroll through photo after photo of immaculately organized closets for hours. But when it comes to the storage spaces in our own home, we have more of a “shove and shut” mentality. That’s all about to change thanks to Wendy Silberstein of The Aesthetic Organizer in New York City, who put together a capsule collection of master closet organizing solutions from The Container Store for—get this—under $150. And you don’t even need a giant walk-in closet to reap the benefits. Here, five organizing picks that work for any space.

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1. White Wooden Shirt Hangers with Ribbed Bar (20 Count) x1

“Wooden hangers are essential for any closet—they maintain shape and hold up for the long run,” Silberstein says. “Plus, there’s no denying the beautiful aesthetic a white wooden hanger brings to the space.” We have to admit, these are much chicer than even your run-of-the-mill velvet hangers.

Buy It ($27; $22)

2. Small Drop Front Shoe Boxes x4

“Clear drop front shoe boxes display your inventory, are easy to access and provide even more use when stacked,” explains Silberstein. She suggests starting off with four and stacking them two by two to maximize space and allow easy access to your favorite, most-worn shoes.

Buy It ($9)

3. Clear Stackable Sweater Drawer x 2

We know we’re not supposed to hang our sweaters (no one likes stretched out shoulders), but what happens when have no more room in our dresser for all that cashmere? Grab a few of these clear bins. Silberstein says, “Clear sweater drawers are a perfect solution when lower shelf space fills up. They allow for vertical organization and will keep your delicate fabrics safe from dust and moths.”

Buy It ($25; $20)

4. The Home Edit Shelf Divider x4

Just when you thought your KonMari-ed tees couldn’t get any more organized, these shelf dividers entered the chat. Silberstein recommends buying a few to separate different categories of clothing—from jeans and tees to even sweatshirts.

Buy It ($13)

5. Natural Cotton Gusseted Hanging Bags

What do you do with special pieces that need to be stored and kept out of the way? Silberstein suggests a 100 percent cotton storage bag. “It allows your garments to breathe and keeps them safe from outside factors. I love the long bag as a starter, because it stores everything from long dresses to coats.”

Buy It ($20)

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