Pro Mountain Biker Rips Local Pump Track

Bas Van Steenbergen
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A wise man once posited two important pieces of advice. He said, “Never get involved in a land war in Asia, and never go in against a Sicilian when death is on the line!”

I would like to propose an additional rule: Never go head-to-head with a rider named Van Steenbergen.

Watch Bas Van Steenbergen reinforce this with a clip of him tearing up a pump track below.

Bas Van Steenbergen is a professional mountain biker from British Columbia. Unlike his brother, whose focus is on freeride, Bas has found success racing pump track and dual slalom. Like Fire and Ice, the Van Steenvbergen family has speed and style.

To practice for a pump track competition is not as simple as it might sound. Competition pump tracks are side-by-side duals and often are not erected until events. Riders like Bas take their race bikes to normal pump tracks and hone their skills before they go to race.

Thankfully, Bas has access to a Velosolutions pump track, which is seen as the gold standard. They are paved and mimic race speed.

To complete the picture of Van Steenbergen dominance, we also need to examine Rik. Rik Van Steenbergen, A Belgian who appears to have no direct relation to the Canadians, was a 3 time World Champion Road Cyclist.

Honestly, if you have plans to outride a Van Steenbergen, you might have to resort to Cycleball.

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