Private Hamptons Chef Reveals Her 17-Hour Work Day — And We're Exhausted

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Photo credit: Instagram/wishbonekitchen
Photo credit: Instagram/wishbonekitchen

While many of us struggle to find the motivation to cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner on a daily basis, Meredith Hayden is up around 6:45 a.m. meal prepping, cooking, tending to the garden, food shopping, and more as a live-in private chef in the Hamptons.

The New York City-based professional chef and recipe developer recently went viral on social media, and was featured in The Independent, after sharing her robust daily routine on TikTok. Many people were stunned when Hayden said that her work day can last up to 17 hours. “Cute little 17-hour work day," as she put it. And despite her intense schedule, she still makes time to dine with the family she works for at lunch and dinner.

"I start my day with a crisp Diet Coke and then I grab some vegetables from the garden," Hayden explained in the video. "I've been obsessed with these chive blossoms. Then I start on breakfast. I served chocolate overnight oats. After I served breakfast, I started prepping lunch right away."

The private chef rounds out her day editing TikToks, which can be found on her channel @wishbonekitchen. And don't worry if you don't have 17 hours to spare; Hayden has shared a number of fun, easy recipes, including one for buffalo chicken wraps, and if you're feeling fancy, ramp and ricotta toast. If those two recipes have your mouth watering, you can find plenty more in her cookbook, Wishbone Cookbook Vol. 2.

She also has videos that provide a glimpse into her life outside of being a professional chef. In one TikTok, Hayden sips and noshes her way through the Yankees Legends Suite. In another, she shares adorable footage of her pooch, Millie.

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