Prince William Reportedly Gets Annoyed When He Gets Cropped Out of Photos

When Kate shines, the Cambridges shine.

<p>Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images</p>

Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

Royal fans are taking notice of a major shift in the monarchy. Back when Prince Charles (now King Charles) was still married to Princess Diana, there was a certain amount of tension that came not only with his relationship with Camilla Parker Bowles, but also with the fact that Diana was stealing the spotlight. These days, however, with Prince William and Kate Middleton at the forefront of the royal family, things are much more relaxed, and per The Mirror, the relationship William has with his wife's public persona is much more gracious. Sources say that he loves when Kate's being showered with adulation and love, but note that there's one major thing that irks him: when she's front and center in a photo and he's cut out of it.

“During William’s parents’ ill-fated marriage, King Charles is said to have grown increasingly jealous of Princess Diana’s massive popularity,” the Mirror wrote “In the early days of their union, Charles would often be overshadowed by his wife, with crowds shouting to talk to Diana instead of the future king — leaving him reportedly ‘frustrated.’”

Royal expert Roya Nikkhah added a tidbit about William's attitude about photo coverage, saying that he's "slightly bothered" by the fact that sometimes, it looks like he didn't even attend a major event because Kate was made out to be front and center (we've got some tips if you want to make a splash, Wills).

“The only thing I know that does slightly bother him is when he is cropped out of photos,” Nikkhah said. “You will find very often they will do a joint engagement and the front page of the news the next day, it is as if William was never there!”

<p>Jonathan Brady / POOL / AFP</p>

Jonathan Brady / POOL / AFP

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But there aren't any hard feelings, because, at the end of the day, he wants attention brought to the causes close to his heart. It's a marked difference from what went on with Charles and Diana, Niklkhah adds.

“Charles was always very upset when Diana had eclipsed him, which was all the time,” Nikkhah told True Royalty TV’s The Royal Beat. “William is delighted by the fact that people warm to Catherine. William is comfortable with that. I have heard him talk about Catherine’s work and how excited he is about it, and he loves that she is getting traction.”

As for what his royal highness King Charles III thinks about Kate and William's approach to teamwork, sources insist he's given them the thumbs up.

“Whilst it is Charles’ head that wears the Crown, it is William, Catherine, and their children that will steal the limelight,” royal expert Robert Jobson told Mail Online. “They are bound to. And it is right. This time, it will be with Charles’s blessing — for he knows for the monarchy to survive, it must be relevant to the younger generation.”

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