Prince Harry Will Reportedly Speak Out Against Kate Middleton in Memoir

Prince Harry Will Reportedly Speak Out Against Kate Middleton in Memoir

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Prince Harry's debut memoir, Spare, is dropping on January 10, and apparently he's not holding back when it comes to his brother, Prince William. According to sources who spoke to The Daily Mail, the brothers relationship "hangs by a thread" ahead of Spare's publication, while a source tells The Sun that “At the heart of this book lies a sibling rivalry between little brother and big brother."

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"It will reveal Harry’s bitterness and feelings of unfairness that by the nature of hierarchy and birthright that he always played second fiddle to older William," The Sun's source says. “The falling out is to be covered in the book in detail and what aggravates is it’s not an outsider revealing these private moments — it’s Harry giving his one-sided account of family affairs. Harry and William were meant to stick together and support each other."

When it comes to King Charles, the source says that “Camilla is Charles’s red line. If Harry trashes her then Charles could pull the plug, and Harry knows that. Harry had a difficult relationship with Camilla, who had an affair with his father when he was still married to Diana. But attacking Camilla would not go down well among palace staff or his father, and Harry is aware.”

Meanwhile, a source told The Sunday Times that the book will also take aim at Kate Middleton, saying "Generally, I think the book [will be] worse for them than the Royal Family is expecting. Everything is laid bare. Charles comes out of it better than I expected, but it's tough on William in particular, and even Kate gets a bit of a broadside." The source added that "There are these minute details, and a description of the fight between the brothers. I personally can't see how Harry and William will be able to reconcile after this."

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