Prince Harry Reportedly Might Return to England for His “Unofficial” Best Man’s Wedding

prince harry
Prince Harry May Return to England for a Wedding!Netflix

Looks like Prince Harry could be returning to England sometime soon…and not just for his dad’s coronation. The Daily Mail reported that one of Harry’s best friends, Jack Mann, is getting married to Isabella Clark—and that the Duke of Sussex will likely attend the event.

According to the outlet, Jack and Harry are super close—and Jack was actually one of Harry’s “unofficial” best men at his wedding to Meghan Markle.

prince harry
According to The Express, that’s Jack to the right of Harry.Netflix

FYI, it was previously reported that Prince William was Harry’s best man, a “fact” that Harry shut down in his new memoir, Spare. He actually went ahead and accused the royals of lying and claimed that William didn’t show up to drinks on the night before his wedding due to “sulking.”

“I asked what was really happening,” Harry wrote, via The Mirror. “Was he sulking because he wasn’t my best man? Was he annoyed because I had asked my old friend Charlie instead? (‘The royal family announced Willy was the best man as they had done with me when he and Kate got married. Did that have something to do with it?’)”

While we’re on the topic of best man drama, Harry also revealed that he wasn’t William’s best man during his 2011 wedding to Kate Middleton, saying the royals issued a “barefaced lie” so that William’s closest friends and actual best men, James Meade and Thomas Van Straubenzee, didn’t have their private lives dug into. Harry even said that “Willy didn’t want me giving a best man’s speech” but that he did in order to keep up the charade.

Wild! Anyway, TBD if Harry will end up attending Jack’s wedding (or if he’ll see the royals while he’s potentially in town), but stay tuned.

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