Prince Harry Displayed "Anger, Resentment and Righteousness" in ITV Interview, Body Language Expert Says

 A member of the public poses in his front room in Manchester, north-west England, watching a television interview broadcast on ITV, being given by Britain's Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex on January 8, 2023, ahead of the publication of his book, 'Spare'. - Prince Harry discusses his memoirs in a television interview Sunday after the book's explosive revelations about royal rifts, sex and drugs cast doubt on his future in the British royal family. The 38-year-old prince's ghost-written book "Spare" was widely leaked after it mistakenly went on sale in Spain ahead of the official publication date Tuesday.
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Prince Harry's interview with ITV's Tom Bradby aired Sunday night in the U.K., and the Duke of Sussex did not hold back with his revelations.

But while the Archewell cofounder said that he was feeling really strong in himself these days, a body language expert believes, from watching the interview, that he still has a lot of pent-up difficult emotions when it comes to dealing with his family—especially King Charles and Prince William.

"There was an air of tragedy about Harry’s body language during this long and deeply revealing interview," Judi James told the Mirror.

"He ended with verbal assurances that he was 'the happiest I have been,' and that he had 'made peace with a lot of what’s happened.'

"In true U.S. style he claimed to be in a 'good head space' and that any discussions with his family now wouldn’t leave any 'lingering' thoughts."

The duke reiterated how much seeing a therapist had helped him overcome some of the extremely difficult experiences he has lived through. But of course, that doesn't necessarily erase the hurt he feels.

"But the man we watched up to this point used conflicting body language signals that made many of his emotions still look rather raw," James explained.

"His gestures and his soundbites and the way he swerved away from some more difficult topics or used non-specific claims suggested anger, resentment and righteousness. But there were also moments when he leaked out more spontaneous signals of love and even humor and fun."

According to James, "He looked overall like a man craving the love of his father and brother, whose memories triggered the child state, but also a man carrying huge resentments for the many people who he feels have done wrong to him, his beloved mother and his wife.

"And it was these contradictory messages that made Harry’s body language difficult to watch and 'heartbreaking' at times."

The duke's interview with Anderson Cooper on 60 Minutes also aired on Sunday in the U.S., with many more incendiary revelations made.

These interviews are designed to promote the royal's memoir, Spare, which will be released on Jan. 10.

Spare, by Prince Harry