Prince Charles changes five times a day and hasn’t a clue what cling film is - surprising revelations from a new book on the pampered prince

From his own personal toilet seat to five outfits a day, the secrets behind Prince Charles’ royal life [Photo: Getty]
From his own personal toilet seat to five outfits a day, the secrets behind Prince Charles’ royal life [Photo: Getty]

A new tell-all book threatens to reveal everything there is to know about Prince Charles‘ private life.

The exposé titled, Rebel Prince: The Power, Passion and Defiance of Prince Charles, is written by investigative writer Tom Bower and will go on sale on March 22.

But the royal family will likely be rocked by revelations hidden within its pages, especially in the run-up to the royal wedding.

From his own personal toilet seat to his confusion over cling film, here are the most shocking details to emerge from the new book.

Prince Charles doesn’t know what cling film is

Perhaps the strangest revelation to spill from the book, is the notion that Prince Charles doesn’t know what cling film is. According to Bower, he had settled in to domestic life with Camilla Parker-Bowles by their third anniversary but one evening, he got the shock of his life.

After asking staff to leave cold meats out for a late appetiser, Charles headed to the kitchen after finishing his martini. But after hearing the 69-year-old let out a shriek, Camilla rushed to seek her husband fearing the worst.

“What’s this?” Charles asked, pointing at the food. To which Camilla replied: “It’s cling film, darling.”

The royal once boasted about using the tube

In a bid to seem down with the kids, Charles once boasted about having once travelled by public transport. But in response to his claims, a close friend replied: “Yes, but only to open a line.”

Prince Charles takes his bedroom furniture everywhere he goes

According to the tell-all book, Prince Charles once stayed with friends in the north-east and sent his staff down to the house with a truckload of his belongings the day before. But these weren’t merely suitcases including his clothing and toothbrush but his bedroom furniture.

The 69-year-old’s orthopaedic bed, fresh linen, radio and a chest of drawers were all transported to his friend’s home. Staff made sure to also pack up his own personal toilet seat, rolls of Kleenex Premium Comfort lavatory paper and two landscapes of the Scottish Highlands. Nothing like making yourself at home, aye?

Prince Charles reportedly travels with an extensive amount of luggage which includes his own personal toilet seat and bedroom furniture [Photo: Getty]

And he is reportedly just as high-maintenance when it comes to attending functions. Prince Charles regularly hires a personal policeman who will arrive at the event with a flask of his favourite drink, a pre-mixed martini. This would be passed on to Charles’ butler, who will serve the 69-year-old his beverage in the glass he always insists on drinking from.

And despite the fact that the Queen will always eat the dish served to fellow guests at royal functions, the prince insists on having his own meal which is delivered in a bag to the kitchen in advance.

The 69-year-old changes his clothes five times a day

According to Bower, Prince Charles changes his outfit up to five times a day with the help of four valets. But that’s nothing in comparison to the entourage of staff which accompanies him on every excursion. Out of his 124 members of staff, a butler, two valets, a private secretary, typist, chef and handful of bodyguards join him whenever he leaves one of his six residences.

Prince Charles has expensive taste

Prince Charles reportedly refuses to travel without his private plane or helicopter and can easily spend a small fortune on day trips. Back in 2006 for instance, the 69-year-old reportedly used the royal train to travel to Penrith (at a cost of £18,916) just to visit a pub.

And when the royal went to watch Prince William receive his RAF wings, he spent a grand total of £20,980 just to travel from Scotland to Lincolnshire.

Prince Charles reportedly spends an extraordinary amount of money on travel unlike his mother, Queen Elizabeth II [Photo: Getty]

Whereas it’s interesting to note that Her Majesty frequently travels by local train and when she visited Sandringham at Christmas, her ticket cost a mere £50 as opposed to the £15,000 journey it would have cost by royal train.

When asked about the tell-all book, Prince Charles’ secretary refused to comment though it’s sure to cause a stir in the palace.

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