Price Check: The Cost of 20 Popular Home Decor Items at IKEA vs. Amazon

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Whether you’re buying new throw pillows for your couch or a new sofa entirely, here’s which top shopping spot can give you the best bang for your buck.

Nowadays, there is no shortage of places to shop for stylish (and affordable!) home decor: Think IKEA, Amazon, Overstock, the dozens of IKEA alternatives out there, and more. On the hunt for a new armchair? Nightstand? Bed frame? In today’s market, you can buy virtually anything online and have it delivered straight to your doorstep a few days later. IKEA shipping and two-day or free shipping from top online retailers makes refurnishing a room possible in a matter of days, not months—and these modern-day shopping features can even save you money on the whole project.

But have you ever stopped to wonder which home decor retailers actually have the best deals? Sure, some sites have free shipping while others offer affordable assembly services, but when all is said and done, which store offers the lowest price on a quality piece of furniture or decor?

Curious to see which stores reign supreme, we’re comparing two top shopping destinations—IKEA and Amazon—on the cost of items for every room in your house. You likely have your own thoughts on the best IKEA products or the best things to buy on Amazon, but you probably also want to know—for when it comes down to budget over preference or convenience—which retailer will save you the most money.

Just remember that, at the end of the day, it all comes down to taste: If you greatly prefer the look or make of a certain item, even if it’s more expensive than similar items from other retailers, you’ll pick that one. Still, knowing where to look for consistently low prices is never a bad thing, especially if you’re trying to finish your home update quickly and under budget.

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In the market for some crisp, white dining plates and bowls? Head over to your favorite Scandinavian chic store. IKEA’s 18-piece FLITIGHET costs $20, making each piece cost about $1.11. To put it in perspective, that’s half the cost of Amazon’s “Basic” collections. Consider this simple dinnerware set the perfect backdrop for pasta, pies, and much more.

Choose: FLITIGHET Dinnerware Set, $20 for 18 pieces ($1.11 per piece) at IKEA VS. Amazon Basics Dinnerware Set, $40 for 18 pieces ($2.22 per piece) at Amazon.


Attention all home chefs: If you’re looking to pick up a new set of pots and pans, Amazon is your best bet. The cookware from Amazon’s eponymous basics line are non-stick, BPA-free, and have cool-touch handles so you won’t have to worry about burning yourself mid-recipe. At $39.99 for a set of eight, this set is a win-win for your wallet and kitchen cabinets.

Choose: AmazonBasics 8-Piece Non-Stick Kitchen Cookware Set, $40 for eight ($4.99 per piece) at Amazon vs. OUMBÄRLIG 7-piece Cookware Set, $60 for seven ($8.57 per piece) at IKEA.


No meal is complete without a great pair of flatware. Not only is IKEA’s 20-piece set extremely affordable, but it brings Scandinavian sensibility to your dining room table.

Choose: DRAGON 20-piece Flatware Set, $13 for 20 ($0.65 per piece) at IKEA vs. AmazonBasics 20-Piece Stainless Steel Flatware Silverware Set with Round Edge, $18 for 20 ($0.90 per piece) at Amazon.

Utility Cart

Whether you’re looking for some extra storage space or a temporary bar cart for your oh-so-fancy dinner parties, a bar cart is essential for every host. At $29, IKEA’s sleek SUNNERSTA style will pay for itself in no time.

Choose: SUNNERSTA Utility Cart, $29 at IKEA vs. Rivet Industrial Modern 4-Post Rolling Bar Cart Table with Wheels, $149 at Amazon.

Wine Glasses

It doesn’t matter if you prefer red, white, or rosé, everyone should have a nice set of wine glasses in their kitchen, and IKEA’s great deal on large wine glasses is certainly worth toasting to.

Choose: HEDERLIG 20 oz. Red Wine Glass, $2 each ($1.99 per piece) at IKEA vs. AmazonBasics 19 oz. All-Purpose Wine Glasses, $17 for four ($4.12 per piece) at Amazon.


From color to material to weave, we’ll be the first ones to admit that a lot goes into buying a beautiful rug. However, if you’re simply looking for a great deal, give Amazon signature label Stone & Beam a try.

Choose: Stone & Beam 5 x 8 Foot Modern Global Ikat Wool Area Rug, $156 at Amazon vs. KATTRUP 5 x 8 Flatwoven Rug, $199 at IKEA.

Coffee Table

They say that Amazon is The Everything Store—and for good reason. If you want to find an affordable, frill-free coffee table for your living room, Amazon has just the thing for you.

Choose: Ravenna Home Justin Industrial Shelf Storage Coffee Table, $139 at Amazon vs. LISTERBY Coffee Table, $179 at IKEA.


Shopping for a stylish surface for your television? Once again, IKEA pulls through with this well-appointed sideboard. Trust us, this affordable set will look just as good as the shows you stream on it.

Choose: STOCKHOLM Sideboard, $449 at IKEA vs. Stone & Beam Glenwood Entertainment TV Console Media Stand, $574 at Amazon.

Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are a great way to add a pop of personality to any living room. If you’re looking to add some pillows on a budget, opt for IKEA’s colorful styles.

Choose: SÅNGLÄRKA Cushion, $7 at IKEA vs. Rivet Mudcloth-Inspired Decorative Throw Pillow, $40 at Amazon.

Table Lamp

As any design enthusiast knows, lighting can make or break a room. You’ll ultimately want to choose a table lamp for its style, but IKEA offers a frills-free one for a steal if you just need some source of light in your space.

Choose: ÅRSTID Table Lamp with LED Bulb, $20 at IKEA vs. Ravenna Home Chevron-Patterned Table Lamp, $35 at Amazon.


You spend a third of your life in bed—so it’s a good idea to pick up some great sheets that won’t make you toss and turn over how expensive they are. The AmazonBasics microfiber set strikes a balance between awesome and affordable.

Choose: AmazonBasics Microfiber Sheet Set, $20 for Queen bedding at Amazon vs. NATTJASMIN Sheet Set, $40 for Queen bedding at IKEA


No cozy bed set would be complete without a fabulous comforter. You can always accessorize your comforter with a nice duvet cover, so it’s important to find an option that is comfortable and keeps you warm. The AmazonBasics option ticks all the boxes, and a Queen size is available for less than $25.

Choose: AmazonBasics Reversible Microfiber Comforter, $25 for Queen bedding at Amazon vs. HÖNSBÄR Comforter, $70 at IKEA.


IKEA’s TRYSIL nightstand not only has plenty of space for a table lamp and alarm clock, but it also has a convenient drawer for your evening read or eye mask—and all for less than $40.

Choose: TRYSIL Nightstand, $40 at IKEA vs. Rivet Mid-Century Modern Lacquer Nightstand, $199 at Amazon.


It’s a draw! While both retailers have a range of headboard styles, a tufted option is available form IKEA and for Amazon close to $200. Add in potential shipping costs, and the cost for each is practically the same.

Choose: KORSHAMN King Headboard, $199 at IKEA or Rivet Elaine Tufted Line Upholstered Headboard King, $217 at Amazon

Shower Curtain

While IKEA has its fair share of shower curtains, Amazon’s low price point and accompanying hooks makes it a clear favorite. Simply clip the hooks to your shower rod and get ready to lather, rinse, repeat.

Choose: AmazonBasics Shower Curtain with Hooks, $11 at Amazon vs. FÖLJAREN Shower Curtain, $14.99 at IKEA.


Of course, once you’re done lathering and rinsing, you need a quality set of towels to dry off with. Not only does Amazon’s set quickly absorb water and wick away any access moisture, but you can also get an entire set for less than $30. Available in a handful of colors, these towels will fill your bathroom with a spa-like atmosphere in no time.

Choose: AmazonBasics Performance Bath Towels, $29 for a six-piece set ($4.83 per piece) at Amazon vs. TÄNKVÄRD Spa Towel, $10 for two ($4.99 per piece) at IKEA.

Bath Accessories Set

While IKEA’s DRAGAN bathroom set doesn’t have a conventional toothbrush holder, you can use these four bamboo boxes to store everything from hand towels to extra soap to hotel toiletries. Plus, with all the money you’re saving, you can always spring for a formal toothbrush holder later.

Choose: DRAGAN 4-Piece Bathroom Set, $10 for four ($2.50 per piece) at IKEA vs. AmazonBasics 5-Piece Bathroom Accessories Set, $22 for five ($4.40 per piece) at Amazon


Who said airing out your dirty laundry had to be unstylish? IKEA has plenty of hampers with adorable patterns and, best of all, many of them cost less than $15.

Choose: PLUMSA Laundry Bag, $13 at IKEA vs. AmazonBasics Foldable Laundry Basket Hamper, $17 at Amazon.

Shoe Rack

When it comes to choosing a shoe rack, it’s important to find a style that can fit as many shoes as possible in a small space. Amazon’s option, for example, can fit up to nine of your favorite go-to pairs. The price? A cool $24, making this option the best bang for your buck.

Choose: AmazonBasics 9-Pair Shoe Rack Organizer, $30 for nine pairs ($3.22 per pair) vs. TJUSIG Shoe Rack, $20 for six pairs ($3.33 per pair) at IKEA


Repeat after us: Choosing hangers should not be an afterthought. Covered in a velvet material, the AmazonBasics hangers will grip your clothes nicely and keep them from falling to the depths of your closet. Best of all, you can buy 50 of them for less than $25.

Choose: AmazonBasics Velvet Suit Hangers, $25 for 50 ($0.50 per piece) at Amazon vs BUMERANG Hangers, $4 for eight ($0.56 per piece) at IKEA.