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'Pretty impressive': This $14 gadget on Amazon clears the crud from shower doors and bathroom mirrors in seconds

Shoppers say this No. 1 best-selling shower squeegee leaves no streaks: "I was living like a peasant and didn't even know it!"

Is there a task less enticing than repeatedly clearing away soap scum? From every time you take a hot shower to simply brushing your teeth at the bathroom sink, your vanity mirror and shower door are bound to accumulate limescale and scum marks that seem to show up just after you've cleaned them. If, like us, you're sick of running through glass cleaner and paper towels like crazy, you may want to invest in the Hiware Shower Squeegee to gets rid of all of that grime in seconds and is, dare we say, kinda fun to use.

Using this doesn't take nearly as much elbow grease as it does to physically wipe the scum away.

$14 at Amazon

Why is this a good deal?

Physical household cleaning tools — especially ones made of stainless steel with this kind of heft — aren't usually this affordable. Right now, at $14, this is the best price this product has been in 30 days, so we'd snag it now before the price reverts.

Why do I need this?

This is one of those products that you likely didn't know you needed until you tried it. While it's made to seamlessly clean the soap scum and buildup from your shower walls and doors and vanity mirror, it also makes it much easier to thoroughly clean windows, tile, decks and more surfaces.

What shoppers love most about this squeegee, though, are its high-quality design — that makes it feel much more luxe than it is — and its ability to deliver streak-free shine. Since it gets as close as possible to the surface, it more easily and quickly removes scum, limescale and other kinds of buildup in just one swipe. It works similarly to those squeegees used at the carwash to clean your windshield — the only difference is that this one's a bit smaller and much chicer.

This squeegee shower cleaner has a 12-inch-wide rubber blade and an ergonomic lightweight handle. Best of all, though, the blade has an even construction that not only prevents streaks, but also those cringey squeaky sounds from rubber swiping across wet glass.

It comes with waterproof adhesive hooks for easy storage. This means you can stow it right inside your shower and don't have to worry about it falling or peeling off due to the heat and humidity.

All-purpose shower squeegee amazon
This gadget actually makes cleaning your shower and mirror fun. (Amazon)

What reviewers say:

With more than 22,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, it's no surprise that this shower squeegee is one of those products that shoppers keep recommending over and over again. One of the most common comments among reviewers is that it feels much more substantial and robust than they expected, given the $14 price tag.

"This squeegee is heavy duty and well made," one impressed shopper wrote. "Works perfectly, and is nice and large. Highly recommend it! Well worth the price."

If you're worried about the adhesive hook potentially peeling off, several shoppers have tested it and found that it really doesn't budge once you stick it to your shower wall. "I installed this in my master bath shower. It has been there a few months now [and] has remained firmly on the shower wall," one five-star reviewer wrote. "The adhesive that comes with it is great. The squeegee has a nice thick rubber that works great at cleaning the glass as well as the marble walls."

Another shopper compared the Hiware shower squeegee to a cheaper one she had purchased from The Dollar Tree and found that the difference was shocking. "This squeegee is pretty impressive!" she wrote. "I was living like a peasant and didn't even know it! My old one left streaks and skilled on the glass a little bit. This one glides so effortlessly on the glass it's crazy!"

Some shoppers said they just wished this best-selling shower squeegee came with a suction cup instead of the waterproof adhesive hooks for personal aesthetic preferences, but gave the product 5/5 stars, regardless.

Choose from four colors (black, silver, bronze and gold) to perfectly fit your bathroom decor.

$14 at Amazon

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