Prepare to Laugh Out Loud at This Vid of Jennifer Coolidge Hacking Jennifer Lopez’s Phone

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Why Jennifer Coolidge and J.Lo Are My New Fav BffsEmma McIntyre/GA - Getty Images

There is truly nothing more tender than two of Hollywood's most iconic celebs letting their hair down and acting out on social media. Upon the release of their Amazon Prime Video rom-com, Shotgun Wedding, co-stars (and the internet's new fave friend duo) Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Coolidge have been uploading a series of IG and TikTok vids that I can't stop rewatching.

"Found this in my phone… 😂 @ShotgunWeddingMovie premieres TONIGHT on @PrimeVideo!!!! But only If you feel like laughing… JLo & JCo," J.Lo captioned her recent Insta. TBH, the warning was very much needed!

"You know, this is so weird...this isn't my hotel room. This is J.Lo's hotel room. Oh my God, I'm on your phone," the White Lotus star muses at the top of the clip before looking down around her and commenting on her co-star's jewels. Then, after a slew of truly comical and v on-brand, bleeped-out swears, Jennifer whispers, "I wanna find her lashes. She has lashes that are, like, two inches long, but you can't quite tell that they're fake."

The vid then cuts to a shot of both Jens filming in front of a green screen promoting Shotgun Wedding and hilariously discussing the film's January—which they switched up to Jenuary—27 release date. 'Kay, all in favor of pronouncing the month this way from here on out, say I 🙋🏻♀️.

Luckily for us, the *chef's kiss* promo vid comes on the heels of J.Co's TikTok debut on January—erm, Jenuary—19, which ofc featured a cameo from none other than her pal J.Lo.

"Hi, this is my first TikTok and I was trying to think of something cool to do," she announces while wearing an evening gown before adding, "I think I'm just gonna do a poem that I like." She then proceeds to talk out the tune to "Jenny from the Block" before cutting to the singer IRL, who jokingly lauds the actor's efforts: "I like that...I really, really like that."

If all of this #content isn't enough to blindly make you watch the film, here's a bit more about it: Shotgun Wedding essentially follows J.Lo and her co-star Josh Duhamel as their characters embark on a destination wedding...until the wedding party is taken hostage and everything turns on its head. The two must then work together alongside their v different families to make it out in one piece. TL;DR: You probably won't be bored watching it.

Anyway! Leaving you with this other amaze, behind-the-scenes clip from the movie premiere's after party, baiiiii!!!

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