How to Prepare for Anal Sex, According to Experts

How to Prepare for Anal Sex, According to Experts.1. Talk about it: Sorry, folks, but you can't introduce the tush without some chit-chat.2. Experiment on your own: If you're not comfortable putting a finger in your own butt you are not prepared to penetrateanother person's butt, and vice-versa.3. Clean up: Washing off before anal sex can help make you feel clean and therefore more comfortable and sexy.4. Maybe use an enema: If you want to take extra precautions beyond a baby wipe or soap and water you can use an enema.5. Stock up on lube: Unlike the vagina, the anus is not self-lubricating.6. Try rimming: It will help get you relaxed and ready to receive.7. Use toys to prepare for anal sex: Once you have a trusty toy, use some lube, start slow, and insert the plug into your rear bit by bit.8. Don't forget protection: There are still STIs to worry about