Pregnant woman faces dilemma over husband’s ‘unfair’ baby name request

A woman and her fiancé can’t agree on a name for their unborn child. The pregnant mother went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum after they got into a fight about the matter. The problem is, the fiancé wants to name their daughter based on a theme he came up with for his children from a previous marriage. But the Reddit user doesn’t like the theme at all. “My fiancé wants to name her Scarlet though. It’s not a bad name but his other daughters are named Rose and Ruby. I really hate this name theme” . She argued with her husband about it, but he didn’t want his new daughter to feel left out of the theme. Reddit users chimed in with their opinions. “You are under no obligation to continue tradition that he started with the ex,” one person commented. “A baby’s name should be a decision you are both fine with,” another person wrote