Pregnant mom ‘thinks she can hold it,’ accidentally delivers her own baby in gas station: ‘So many emotions on your wife’s face’

A mom-to-be who thought she just had to go to the bathroom is shocking TikTok with her epic gas station birth.

Kaitlyn Mancera (@mancerakaitlyn) gained nearly 20 million views and 9,000 comments when she uploaded the amazing birth story to her TikTok account.

And when the gas station’s corporate headquarters heard about Kaitlyn’s stunning video, filmed just moments after the mom gave birth, they decided to send the family something incredible.

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According to Kaitlyn’s video, the expectant mom’s epic birth story began when she and her family pulled into a Flying J gas station.

Kaitlyn explained that she felt pressure from behind, so she assumed she had to go to the restroom.

But when Kaitlyn made her way to the bathroom, she did a little more than potty.

Judging by the footage, it must have all happened very quickly for the mom, as her pants were still around her ankles when EMS arrived.

But despite the strange and presumably scary situation, Kaitlyn smiled at her husband behind the camera as the medic checked her out, gently cradling her newborn baby.

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Throughout it all, Kaitlyn found humor in the situation, even making fun of herself in a follow-up TikTok with a colorful clown filter.

“When you think you just need to poop because you feel pressure from behind but, instead, you deliver your own baby,” she wrote.

But Kaitlyn’s story ends very happily for a number of reasons.

In addition to bringing a healthy baby into the world and safely making it through her own unexpected delivery, Kaitlyn and her family were surprised with a shocking gift from Flying J: a year of free coffee and gas, along with a basket of goodies!

Now, TikTokers around the world are applauding Kaitlyn’s strength and courage and congratulating her family on their latest addition. This family will certainly never look at gas station restrooms the same way again!

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