Pregnant Irina Shayk Recreates That Sexy Pottery Scene in Ghost for Love Magazine

Pregnant Irina Shayk Recreates That Sexy Pottery Scene in Ghost for Love Magazine

We are now just two days into December, which can mean only one thing: the annual onslaught of sexy, sexy lingerie ads-cum-advent calendars produced by Love magazine are upon us. That’s right, the next 31 days of your life just got a little more scandalous thanks to a handful of editors with their minds in the gutter. The publication kicked off the holiday season with the newest high-profile addition to the Victoria’s Secret family, Bella Hadid, playing the role of a workout instructor, and for their second installment they opted for another underwear-clad VS model, the newly pregnant Irina Shayk, who channeled her best Demi Moore for the arts and crafts filled short film.

In the magazine’s second video of the month, Irina recreates that famous scene from the Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze helmed film Ghost. In the advent calendar film shot by Phil Poynter, the model shows off her ceramics skills, or lack thereof, at the pottery throwing wheel while wearing a bra, underwear, and loosely knotted blouse that does little to hide her growing baby bump. While mashing around a lump of clay to little effect, Shayk also somehow manages to get a whole lot of silt smeared across her face, breasts, and thighs.

Watch the original scene:

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While this advent video has obviously perfectly achieved all of its goals, if an international supermodel making double ententes while a camera slow pans around her physique in a matching underwear set can be considered a goal, we do have one complaint. Not only did Shayk not even vaguely attempt to make an actually functioning vessel out of that mound of clay in front of her, but there wasn’t so much as a cameo from Whoopi Goldberg anywhere to be seen. Actually, that gives us a great idea for a certain host of The View who should star in next year’s calendar…

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